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Claire McCaskill just plane annoyed by impertinent questions

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill held a fundraiser in NYC yesterday. Because if there’s one thing the Democrats enjoy raising more than awareness, it’s funds. As she was leaving the event, one of those savage, violent teabaggers tried to ask her a few questions about her recent tax problems.

Here’s what happened. Or what didn’t happen:

YouTube Preview Image

Via Gateway Pundit, who notes: “It looks like Claire has a little fleebagger in her, huh?” And as Guy Benson points out, McCaskill is actually co-sponsoring a bill that would require federal employees to keep up with their taxes or be fired. As she put it:

All federal employees, not just IRS employees, should be held accountable for failure to pay their federal taxes. This legislation is just common sense.

“If I go around accusing other people of bad stuff, then nobody will notice that I’m the one doing it!” Until they do notice. And then the rest of us get to book a first-class seat on Schadenfreude Airlines. If you look out the left side of the aircraft, you’ll see… humiliation.

  • borntoraisehogs

    Fat tub of sactimonious goo. She needs to listen to Michelle.

  • K.C. Sollers

    I am going to quit paying income taxes, then run for office as a Democrat. Seems to work for them somehow.

  • Big

    I wonder if she and Hillary get their pantsuits at the same store. At any rate I think Senator Flash (D-Glass House) played it pretty cool. Say nothing and let your lackeys in the media do your excuse making for you (they’ll probably blame Teabaggers).

    • wolfie773

      If only the media were roused to report on it at all. They’ll ignore it just as they ignore all Democratic misconduct. If she were a Republican you’d hear a din from the calls for resignation.

  • jackw3526

    “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. The captain has turned off the seatbelt sign and we will soon be going through the cabin to offer you complimentary snacks and beverages. In addition, our First Class passengers will be served a nice big dish of crow…”

  • zelda

    That sounds like a worthy piece of legislation. I hope it passes.

  • elwin

    Yeah, she did a great job in Missouri as State Auditor.
    She made lots of loud noises about wasted money and financial abuse.
    Didn’t actually change anything, but she did make great loud noises…good enough to get her her current job, anyway.