Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend, 22, made crayon drawings for him when she was younger

Little girls often have crushes on celebrities, but most females don’t grow up to date their childhood infatuations. Perhaps Alyse Lahti Johnston, pro-golfer Tiger Woods’ supposed 22-year-old girlfriend, is fulfilling a childhood fantasy by going out with him, having made crayon pictures for him when she was just a kid.

According to Us Weekly, Johnston, who is 13 years Woods’ junior, has known the athletic legend since she was in grade school and used to “draw good luck pictures for Tiger before his tournaments” as a child.

Woods spent most of last year in the news for reportedly engaging in countless extra-marital affairs, which led to the crumbling of his marriage to Swedish bombshell Elin Nordegren.

Johnston’s stepfather, who reportedly introduced Woods to Johnston, works as an executive at IMG, the agency that represents the champion golf star.

“They started dating around New Year’s Eve after seeing each other at one of her dad’s functions,” a source told Us Weekly of Woods and Johnston’s new coupling.

In November 2009, Woods drove his 2009 Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and tree at 2:30 a.m., causing many to conclude he’d had a dispute with then-wife Nordegren about his infidelity. One source told TMZ that Nordegren had chased Woods out of the house with a golf club in her hand, smashing the pro-golfer’s vehicle as he dashed from their Florida residence.

Like Woods, Johnston has had some car troubles. Late last year, she was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Johnston pleaded no contest to the charge and is reportedly enrolled at Northwood University, which has a Florida campus near Woods’ home.

  • americansforgunsDOTcom

    Give it a year or two…he’ll be stepping out with someone new.
    Women dont seem to figure this out till theyre older.

    “If she wants a man who’ll take the ring off of his hand and then say that he’ll be true….she deserves you”

  • Rocketman

    The little chickie-poo’s daddy must be soooooo proud.


  • John

    Tiger Woods is just another O.J. Simpson waiting to happen.

    He’ll get tired of being pushed around by a white women, he’ll off her and then write a book about it so that a president could give quotes from it.

    • Unabashed

      I don’t understand the comparison. When did Tiger last nearly sever someone’s head from their body. Just because he’s an black and has a problem being faithful doesn’t make him OJ.

  • opedanderson

    oh frig…..

    she looks like a younger version of his ex-wife.

    That’s creepy….

  • DDMN

    The press is still protecting him.What about his affairs with members of the LPGA?

  • savage24

    I heard that one of the shortest book in history, is a book on Tiger Woods black girlfriends. As they say “fools and their money are soon parted”, you would think he would learn.

    • borntoraisehogs

      Why would someone that rich have a black girlfriend? Even his white ones beat him and wreck his life. Black women is even crazier.

      • hogwild

        Is that a guess or are you talking from experience…

  • jar59

    Reporting on Tiger’s latest gold-digging tramp?
    What is this, People magazine?

  • Satchmo

    LOL. How can you look at yourself in the mirror, Laura? This is news?

  • didacticrogue

    So he’s had his eye on her for quite some time.

    I guess she just never grew out of the “when I grow up I want to marry you” phase.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one totally creeped out by this.