Breitbart attacks Color of Change ‘freaks’ for campaign to have The Huffington Post censor him

Color of Change, an activist group co-founded by former White House adviser Van Jones, has unveiled a new target: “racism” at The Huffington Post.

Conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart, who authored two recent entries for The Huffington Post, is the cause of Color of Change’s outrage.

The first entry by Breitbart was featured prominently on the site. The March 11 post, titled “NPR Is Collateral Damage in Battle to Brand Tea Party,” addressed tension between the mainstream media and the Tea Party. It also stated that there was no evidence that the Tea Party was racist.

The other post by Breitbart, from March 22, criticized the White House for being insufficiently transparent in the posting of visitor logs.

Breitbart’s post about NPR and the Tea Party infuriated Color of Change. In a Wednesday alert to supporters, the organization said that its prominent placement on The Huffington Post “shows a lack of journalistic integrity, and it’s frankly an insult to our communities.”

“Andrew Breitbart is a liar and a race-baiter,” wrote the organization. “Breitbart targets key people and institutions within our community, in particular those who have dared talk about the reality of racism and race in this country — Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP, President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus. And he targets those that seek to increase Black political participation, like ACORN.”

The activist group launched an online letter-writing campaign targeting Arianna Huffington. The form letter reads: “I urge you to stop promoting his work immediately, and publicly explain why Breitbart’s work was promoted to the front page.”

Color of Change warned that if The Huffington Post does not respond favorably to their campaign, “then Black America and our allies should abandon The Huffington Post and get our information elsewhere.”

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, Breitbart responded to the Color of Change campaign, saying, “Bring it on, punks.”

“Van Jones is a commie punk,” Breitbart told TheDC. “He was exposed to a great extent because of the hard journalism that was done at my website, that exposed him as a guy who was an unvetted liability to the Obama administration. He was forced to step down because of my journalistic work.”

Breitbart said that he wasn’t surprised by the campaign. “This is what the left does, they don’t believe in free speech. They want to shut up Fox News, they want to shut up people that disagree with them, they want to shut up the Tea Party,” Breitbart said. “The number one reason why they want to bring up race is because I am the one who exposed the lie that the ‘N’ word was hurled at [Democratic] Congressmen [Andrew] Carson [of Indiana] and [John] Lewis” of Georgia at a Tea Party rally in front of the Capitol.

Breitbart told TheDC that he is a strong supporter of black conservatives, naming Florida Republican Rep. Allen West as “the best possible candidate for the conservative movement.” He also made the point that he exposed racist speech against African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at a recent anti-Koch brothers protest.

“The Tea Party movement is filled with the strongest voices from the conservative black movement in this country. I am their number one proponent,” Breitbart said. “My goal is to eradicate the term ‘Uncle Tom’ that the left and the media use to frame conservative blacks.”

“I believe that Van Jones, and Color of Change, and ACORN poison the black community with propaganda that divides this country. Van Jones is a human toxin, ACORN was a human toxin. These are poisonous, venomous forces within the American experience,” Breitbart said. He added, “I will expose them like the cockroaches that they are.”

  • K.C. Sollers

    If Breitbart never does another thing to expose the left’s intentions, he at least gave us ACORN and the Pigford settlement scandals.
    Thank you sir. You will be remembered long after we wash ourselves of the pinko commies that have infiltrated our still great nation.

  • ManFromNowhere

    HuffPo could gain a lot of credibility by defending Breitbart and calling the racist Color Of Change out. Color Of Change is little more than a terrorist group and they must be taken out.

  • lukuj

    Breitbart is a threat to Jones and his group since he seeks and finds the truth, and the truth is the LAST thing he want Americans to know about him and his group, a group that are the true racists. I wonder if the Huff Post will succomb to the threats or if they actually do have an iota or two of integrity.

  • designerrant

    Yawn….Van Jones says someone is racist. Is that all he has? I am tired of all these ‘people of color’ making sure it stays all about the color of their skin. Can’t VJ just move on and attack people on morals, judgement calls, evil intentions, selfishness, war mongering, anything besides race?

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  • Daily reader

    the crazy thing: the crazies say all that and more against breitbart in tweets, and he retweets them! all that ignorance actually gets on my nerves. but he exposes them, once again.

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  • SuperTalk

    Breitbart is what is known as a national treasure.

    The envy from Van(ity)Jones is dripping. He’ll never be as influential or important as Breitbart and it kills him.

  • Dave Kawasaki

    You got that right. So does Andrew: they are straight up punks.

  • Iagorune

    “Bring it on, punks”

    Ah the always classy Andrew Brietbart.

    You all must be so proud.

    • Johnny Griswold

      I am.

      • voted against carter

        Hey mental midget.,… GO BACK TO HUF PO

        TROLL ALERT – do not waste your time responding

        NOTE: above poster IS a leftwing-NUT, libratard, progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT TROLL.

        HUF PO refugee, looking for a home since Arianna Huffington tossed them overboard.

        Expand IT’S profile to confirm.

        • imtheoz

          We can always expect a reasoned, intelligent response from the right wing, can’t we!

          • SunnyJ

            Yes We Can!!!! oh, sorry stole your line. What’s not reasoned about Andrew’s position or the response you are commenting on. Sounds reasonable to me. They don’t like Van Jones, they call him a “punk”. Commenter thinks the term “punk” isn’t classy. These other people think it’s truth. Yeah, let’s Speak Truth To Power…oh, sorry stole your line. Well then, I’ll just vote “present” and stay out of this…oh, sorry that’s been done by your guy too. Let’s see can’t use the race card, msyoginist terms for vagina, or eltist jabs…your guys got those first too. OK, I’m going with “punk”…only classsy term the lefties haven’t already used.

          • truebearing

            That’s right, Scarecrow. And we can always expect snide swipes that masquerade as fact from the lack-wit left.

    • greyrider

      What would you call an individual/group that resorts to the “spoiled child” tactic of ‘do what I want or me and my friends are taking our toys home?’
      You are right though lagorune(?) they are not punks, they are more of the sewer sludge variety. Turds bobbing in a stream of their own pollution.

    • Mr B

      Feeling butthurt lagorune? It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

      • truebearing

        He likes it. It’s part of the initiation into their brain-dead cult of perverts and malcontents.

    • BJC49

      You know what would make me proud Leghorn. If someone of his own race that’s tired of his lies would walk up to the instigating communist race-baiting 9-11 truther punk and knock his teeth down his throat. I would give them a medal for serving this Country!!!

      • thephranc

        If I didn’t have so much to lose I would. People like Jones, Sharpton, Jackson ect. are a plight that need to be taken out.

    • bigalsouth

      So, Iagorune, you appear to favor silencing speech that you don’t agree with? Here is a better idea: Get off your lazy socialist perch and trot on over the the Huff-Po and write a detailed, coherent response to Mr. Breitbart’s article.

      What’s that? Too hard? Easier just to get Breitbart blacklisted?

      Thought so. Just can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas.

    • Jack Bauer

      “You all must be so proud.”

      Very proud, commie punk.

    • Satchmo

      I am.

    • bigsigh

      Really? That’s all you’ve got?

    • stoopdavydave

      Now that you mention it, hell YES.
      You not liking it is just sweet sweet icing on this very tasty cake.

    • californiacitizen

      I am too. We need more Andrew Breitbarts!

    • jjsmithers

      You left out the best part:

      “I believe that Van Jones, and Color of Change, and ACORN poison the black community with propaganda that divides this country. Van Jones is a human toxin, ACORN was a human toxin. These are poisonous, venomous forces within the American experience,” Breitbart said. He added, “I will expose them like the cockroaches that they are.

      Maybe the “cockroaches” part hit too close to home for you.

    • poconojoe

      Yes, we in “our community” like Mr. Breitbart.

    • ghost

      He’s just trying to keep to the “New Tone” that liberals so assiduously stick to.