Huffpocrisy Watch–The Breitbart Rule: So in order to appear on the Huffington Post front page, you not only have to avoid making “ad hominem” attacks (that violate their “tenets of debate and civil discourse”) in what you write for Huffington Post–a reasonable rule–but you have to avoid making ad hominem attacks in what you say and write anywhere else? … If this rule is applied honestly, I┬ásuspect a whole lot of people are now banned from HuffPo’s front page. … The first name there right now, for example, is HuffPo writer Jason Linkins. You think Linkins is never ad hominem? On his twitter feed too? …

  • cbpelto

    RE: It’s Not Just Huffington….

    ….it’s also PJM.

    Case in point, I’ve been banned from PJM for taking Charlie Martin to task on the Fukushima incident.

    For doing so, Charlie called me ‘looneytunes’.

    I mentioned this to my wife and she suggested he was ‘projecting’. It seems that she knew him, in the flesh, as she succeeded him as the editor for the Denver Chapter of Mensa’s monthly magazine.

    I mentioned her knowledge of him in the threads he had started on Fukushima.

    Next thing I knew, I could no longer post on PJM.


    [The Truth will out….]

    • cbpelto

      P.S. And Charlie was bragging that he was the one who implemented the ban. Apparently just for mentioning that my wife knew him personally.

      I guess he might be afraid of what else she might tell me about him and I might post as evidence of his ‘veracity’.

  • Bubba Gump

    I’ve found it the odd situation to even get a comment to post at Huffpo. The comment they will always post is when you finally get pissed from trying twenty times and just say, “forget it’s clearl you’re completely biased and will only post left leaning comments.” That always get posted with out fail.

    Brietbart set forth to prove that they routinely censor free speech. How more successful can you be than to get censored.

    • stoopdavydave

      “Brietbart set forth to prove that they routinely censor free speech.”

      At last! With that laid to rest, it’s time to settle once and for all the question of sunrise: In the east, or not?

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  • davidshane

    They have the same hypocrisy in comment moderation. Nominally, they will not remove a comment for political reasons, but will if it is abusive, disrespectful, uses foul language, and so on. Practically, you can get away with a heck of a lot more foul language, etc., if your comment is politically left-wing than if it is right-wing.