Durbin flubs Muslim-discrimination hearings

The number two Senate Democrat, Richard Durbin, has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to highlight claims of anti-Muslim discrimination, but his primary Muslim witness has publicly excused a U.S. imam for revealing an FBI investigation to a Muslim suspected-terrorist.

Durbin’s bungled choice for lead witness is another in a series of Democratic flubs that have paired top Democrats with anti-democratic, terror-excusing Islamists in the United States. According to a report released today by the non-profit Investigative Project on Terrorism, Durbin has already added to the flubs this year by visiting a mosque in Bridgeview, Ill., and posing for a photo with two Islamists who were named as unindicted conspirators in an Islamist project to smuggle funds to the Hamas Muslim terror group.

Hamas is an orthodox and militant Muslim terror group that controls the Gaza strip. Since it seized control in 2007, it has allowed numerous missile attacks on Israeli civilian targets and it has established an apartheid-like system of laws that cite Koranic texts to justify formal and informal discrimination and abuse against women, gays and Christians.

According to the IPT’s report, Durbin’s meeting with the Hamas-linked Muslims took place at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Ill. The mosque’s website shows a picture, dated March 1, of Durbin posing with nine suited men, and two women wearing dark-coveralls and tight white scarves. The men include the mosque’s director, Jamal Said, and the mosque’s imam, Kifah Mustapha, according to the IPT report.

Both men were declared to be unindicted conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Fund trial, which resulted in guilty verdicts for five men who smuggled $12 million to Hamas. The fund’s two founders were both sentenced to 65 years in jail.

In the federal documents submitted to the court, Mustapha was included in the list of “individuals who were HLF employees, directors, officers and/or representatives.” In June 2010, the Illinois government denied Mustapha the title of police chaplain, even though he completed the four-day course.

In the court document, Jamal Said is named as an individual “who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee and/or its organizations.” The Palestine Committee was established by Islamists as a Hamas advocacy group prior to 1991, according to government sources cited in another IPT report.

A 2004 article in the Chicago Tribune reported that moderates lost control of the mosque to the Islamists following an internal power struggle.

Durbin and several other Democratic politicians, and their staff members, have gotten themselves into trouble by endorsing little-known Muslims from Islamist groups within the party’s diverse base. The base also includes groups advocating for gays, women and Jews.

For example, in 2007, Virginia’s Democratic governor Tim Kaine appointed Esam Omeish to an advisory panel on immigration. Kaine withdrew the nomination a few hours after he was told of Omeish’s Islamist beliefs by a caller during a radio-talk show.

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  • adair

    Well, that defines Durbin. He’s a fool who can’t fail to see the international threat of Islam. All these references to “bungling” and “flubs” (four on the first page of this article) do not explain honestly what’s going on with Durbin.

    After seeing what an uproar was raised about Peter King’s hearings, this looked like an opportunity that couldn’t be ignored: Have a hearing himself, be a star, be tolerant, be kindly little Dick, defender of the downtrodden.
    Never mind that witness after witness turned out to be a conspirator. After all, these folks are Victims! Why, they’re among the major Democrat constituents, along with gays, Hispanics (hence the Dream Act), blacks and felons.

    He’ll likely get an E for Effort from the Muslim Brotherhood … or at the very least a few contributions from any members of CAIR who are citizens. He’s as generous as most liberals with other people’s money, and quick to sniff out a possible donation opportunity. Aren’t all Arabs rich?

  • WEB3

    Anyone who fails to see the international threat of Islam is a fool.

  • skai

    Muslims MUST be exposed for their EVIL doings and their aim for the domination of the world in the name of Islam,ie conquer lands in the name of Islam.From Muslims Quran Sura 9:111″ Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise.They will fight for the cause of Allah,they will Kill and be Killed, Go to YouTube and type in ” uk muslim leader anjen choudary’the flag will fly over the white house” and listen to him. now see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and http://www.danielpipes.org People like Durbin MUST be exposed for their evil thinking and enabling enemies of USA to become part of us.

  • dennisl59

    Maybe if Daniel Pearl could speak from the grave he would tell Senator Durbin about the dangerous game he’s playing. Senator Durbin, the men you are standing with will give you two choices: Convert or Die. Which is it Senator?

    • skai

      “..the men you are standing with will give you two choices;:Convert or Die,which is it Sanator.”? I think he would chose first one.’convert’ This is from Muslims Quran Sura2:193 ” Fight against them[infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme” And that is what the muslims have been doing for the last 1431 years. see http://www.compassdirect.org and http://www.islam-watch.org

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