New Pepsi bottle is 100 percent plant-based

Earth Day may not be for another month, but the folks at PepsiCo are celebrating early. The company has just announced that it has developed the world’s first 100-percent plant-based PET bottle.

For those not wholly versed in enviro-speak, PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate, a.k.a. a type of plastic–or to hardcore tree-huggers everywhere, “All that is crazy and absurdly wrong with a consumer-driven society in overdrive.”

Full story: New Pepsi bottle is 100 percent plant-based

  • koam

    Anticipating the edible bottle?

  • fayebeck

    Oh great !! Now we have to worry about e-coli from drinking a Pepsi.

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  • Raycheetah

    Sorry, Pepsi. Your new bottle still has that modified Obama logo on it. Trendy political bandwagon-jumping lost you my family’s business. ='[.]’=

    • GeniousIQ

      Wow, you have some severe paranoia issues if you see an Obama symbol there.

      • Jess81

        The problem with you left wingers is your consistent modus operendi. The man writes one sentence, based not only on the appearance of the symbol, but based upon the timing of it’s release and Pepsi’s support for Obama, and you issue an edict that makes pop psychology look like cold tar running down a hill backwards.

        If I were you, I’d change my name—or are genius’s now determined the same way Dayton hires its policemen?

      • Raycheetah

        Apparantly, I wasn’t the ONLY paranoid who noticed the marketing ploy at the time. From that bastion of Right-Wing paranoia, ABC News:

        Now, have a Coke and a smile, GeniOus. =^[.]^=