Wake Up, Wingers!

Wake Up, Wingers! Scott Walker’s anti-union team could suffer a big defeat in Wisconsin’s April 5 Supreme Court election. If Dem-backed JoAnne Kloppenburg defeats Republican David Prosser, she could lead a 4-3 majority to overturn Walker’s anti-union law. (Kloppenburg has telegraphed as much, saying “The events of the last few weeks have put into sharp relief how important the Supreme Court is as a check on overreach in the other branches of government.”) Worse, a Prosser loss will be played up in the national press as a voter repudiation of Walker and his agenda–a turning of the tide, second Tunisia, Spring Awakening, etc.  The left is already gloating over private polls that show the race close–not good news for an incumbent in a low-turnout election. … What’s more, it looks as if the left has the money advantage, in part because Prosser opted for public financing. … Aren’t there some rich Republicans who can save the momentum of the anti union push with an independent expenditure? …

Where are the Kochs when you need them?

P.S.: Commentator Charles Sykes, described to me as the ‘Rush Limbaugh of Wisconsin,’ puts it this way:

I think it will be close: the left is engaged and enraged. We conservatives are engaged. Don’t know about the independents. This is a traditionally very low turnout election and if the unions turn out their troops, there might be enough votes to flip the court. But no one on our side is complacent about this. We understand that, as you say, it is for all the marbles.

This will turn on how the race is defined: if voters decide based on credentials: Prosser wins; if they see it as a choice between a liberal and a conservative judge, Prosser wins; if it turns on who is tough on crime, Prosser wins.

But, if it is seen as a referendum on Walker or the union bill, Kloppenburg has a very real shot. 

P.P.S.: Walker’s (and Kasich’s and Daniels’) anti-union reforms are having an effect nationwide, even in states where unions are strong. In Los Angeles, for example, a coalition of unions just agreed to non-trivial increases in health and pension contributions for existing workers that will save $400 million. One reason they agreed was undoubtedly the fear that anti-union fever might spread even to California. If Walker gets beaten, public employee unions all over the country will stop being so amenable. (Maybe that will be good for Republicans, in a dialectical way,  because government will become more unaffordable and the “blue state model” will move closer to total bankruptcy. The contradictions will be heightened, if you will. But it will be bad for anyone who wants a working government and lower taxes.)

  • Ryan.Iowa

    If Kloppenburg wins, or more likely steals a close election, and the Unions and the Left feel more empowered than ever, conservatives can always go John Galt. Then we’ll see how government and its bureaucracy can run with limited revenue and general funds; not that we’re already there!

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  • southernsusan

    what a hell hole wisconsin is. union here, union there. does everyone in wisconsin work for the union. if this goes bust, republicans should leave the state and live in a right to work state. let the democrats and their unions eat each other alive.

    WOW!what a racket, tax payers pay their taxes, most of the tax money goes to the union bosses, then the union people pay their union dues, the union doles out some benefits to their members, enough to keep them happy, then the union bosses go off to their huge salaries and their mansions and live happily ever after.mind boggling, to say the least.

  • Jon0815

    Was there some reason Walker and the WI GOP couldn’t have waited until after the Supreme Court election to bring up the union bill? If not, this is another way in which they have been a complete fail at the tactical level.

  • tom kinney

    Kloppendingleberry has yet to serve a single day on a single bench as a judge. Her claim to fame is as a high level ambulance chaser who has sued farmers and businessmen for her own profit and profile. She is so ill-suited to this position that even Obama has passed her by for judgeships. Is it possible to have a worse stain on your record than being seen as unfit to be an Obama appointee? Not in this universe.

    As a Wisconsinite whose family has been here since the early 1800s, if my fellow citizens don’t vote this mounteback down, I will die of shame.

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  • whatthedickens

    Don’t look now, but Ohio’s Gov. Kasich is going to sign this week a bill that is tougher than Wisconsin’s regarding public sector unions and collective bargaining.
    Maybe the Wisconsin State Employees Unions campaign to boycott businesses that do not publicly demonstrate their support of “workers’ rights” will scare Wisconsin voters into choosing for a state supreme court seat someone who will overturn Walker’s bill, or maybe it will turn off voters. Either way, what began in Wisconsin isn’t ending there.

  • ChickFight

    No matter who wins, or what decision is reached in Wisconsin, the case is bound for a federal appellate court anyway. Besides, eventually all the money that the unions are fighting over like greedy retarded wolverines will eventually run out. Then will come the inevitable lay offs. No matter how you slice it, the union moonbats will not get their way – reality is such a bummer for lefties.

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