Matt Lewis

Former Planned Parenthood Director Hits Group in New TV Ad

I saw this ad, and it caught my attention.

The ad works, in my opinion, because it features Abby Johnson, a real-life former Planned Parenthood clinic director.

It’s also interesting to note that the focus of the ad is not to attack the practice of abortion, per se — but to instead go directly after the Planned Parenthood “brand” — questioning their “corporate culture” and “profit center.”

What do you think?

  • ghost

    Defund eugenics.

  • Adam D

    Good ad – I hope this story start to get out there too – .

    The Planned Parenthood President has been caught in a lie. They DO NOT provide mammograms.

    In the tapes, a Live Action actor calls 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different states, inquiring about mammograms at Planned Parenthood. Every Planned Parenthood, without exception, tells her she will have to go elsewhere for a mammogram, and many clinics admit that no Planned Parenthood clinics provide this breast cancer screening procedure. “We don’t provide those services whatsoever,” admits a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona. Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, KS explains to the caller, “We actually don’t have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics.”

  • Ryan.Iowa

    PP has been engaging is false advertising for years. They should be called Planned NON-parenthood.

  • Matt Lewis

    Or, at least, there is a financial incentive to encouraging abortions…

  • Matt Lewis

    I guess the argument is that it’s the main source of their revenue.

  • koam

    I’d agree, but I don’t think that abortion is their main mission is news to anyone. It only thwarts the arguments that PP delivers many other services, which isn’t large in the public consciousness. Abby should have known that before joining and staying for 8 years, so it’s not terribly credible. It comes off as a pro-life spot and not too far from the norm of those. I doubt that it is crucially different in message to any meaningfully sized population that’s on the fence. As for “profit center” what is the meaning of that in the context of a non-profit? It exposes the spot to refutation.