First they came for your light bulbs. Now Obama’s EPA is going after your soap.

You can’t blame Americans for feeling as though the government is increasingly crossing boundaries and reaching into their daily lives. The Obama administration and regulatory authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appear to be coming at us on all fronts.

The Republican-led Congress has been steadfast in its efforts to beat back the EPA. Recent committee hearings have exposed the adverse consequences that the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions will have on the job market. Unfortunately for hardworking Americans, the cost of the EPA’s action will make energy prices higher, drive jobs overseas and force more citizens into the unemployment line. Under the Obama administration, the EPA has been transformed into a job-killing machine.

The EPA is donning a new title, as well — “nanny state” behemoth. While many are aware of the fight against cap and trade and the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, the totality of their smaller actions, which often go unnoticed, is starting to add up. They already tell us what kinds of light bulbs we can use and how much water we are allowed to have in our toilets. Now, they have their sights set on our soap.

For generations, Americans have safely used bacteria-killing products to protect us from germs. Anti-bacterial hand washes and soaps are used every day in our schools to stop the spread of viruses and keep our kids healthy. Hospitals use similar products to maintain sterile environments. Dentists have safely used anti-bacterial mouthwashes for years in the treatment of gum and other oral diseases.

The EPA, under pressure from Congressman Ed Markey and several environmental extremist groups, is considering banning Triclosan, a key ingredient safely used in antibacterial products since the 1950s. Triclosan is also found in products such as trash bags, toys, tennis shoes, and cosmetics to prevent bacteria growth and the spread of illness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself has found Triclosan to be safe for use by humans, but that is clearly not good enough to those who make a nice living off of fear mongering.

To be clear, this is not an argument about the effectiveness of antibacterial products. It is, however, a pushing-back against the power grab being perpetrated by the EPA. If we continue to let the government into our homes, how will we ever stop the gradual erosion of our rights?

With all that is currently going on in our country and across the globe, we would hope that this administration, Congressman Markey, and the EPA would have higher priorities on their agenda. We might suggest that they first focus on jobs, economic recovery, debt reduction, and energy independence. Let us worry about our soap.

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Stacy Mott is Founder and President of Smart Girl Politics Action (SGPA), a non-profit organization for conservative women.

  • designerrant

    I don’t like the power the EPA is gaining. I think they should be reined in. I don’t trust big government. However, for years I have heard from the scientific and medical community that anti-bacterial products are creating super-bacteria. That using an anti-bacterial product when plain soap and water would work is allowing the germs to become immune to the effectiveness of the anti-bacterial products. I have tried to buy non-anti-bacterial whenever possible, and there have been few choices available. In this instance, when corporations are not offering choices that may be better, perhaps regulation is the only way……

  • BigRmv

    They have to take our soap so we can live like the rest of the 3rd world. We don’t want to offend the Taliban and Al-Quaeda folk by smelling nice.

  • bobdog

    They can have my Dial when they pry it out of my nice, clean, bacteria-free, dead hands. When EPA’s SWAT team comes crashing through my front door, I hope they don’t break any of my newfangled light bulbs, break the surface of my covered up lead-based paint and asbestos pipe insulation, knock over my old refrigerator, use my old style 3 gallon flush toilets, use excessive amounts of toilet paper, break any of my formaldehyde-loaded construction plywood, start messing with my two cycle snow blower and lawn trimmer.

    Anybody remember the movie THX1138?

  • arepeoplepayingattention2012

    Is Markey NUTS? What is going on in this Country and with this Congress and Administration? KICK THEM OUT BEFORE THEY DESTROY THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!

    • Kurtis D. Davis

      What is going on? You have communist healthcare to seize control of your body, the communist Patriot Act to control what it does, all the while you are sold out to communist China. Incredible government spending now means we have a government driven economy. It all got started when Nixon sold out to communism in Vietnam, then opened the door to communist China. Ford, never elected, adopted the communist metric system. Reagan abridged your 1st amendment right to petition; Daddy Bush announced a “new world order”, and sold you out to Mexico; Baby Bush yielded the Patriot Act, perpetual “war” (terrorism), and normal trade relations with communist China. What is going on is, a bunch of hypocrites are trying to call communism a constitutional- republic form of government. DEMAND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!