Sen. Scott Brown calls Republican spending cuts ‘irresponsible’

In a letter released Thursday, Sen. Scott Brown called Republican efforts to cut government spending “irresponsible” and urged party leaders to get over their ideology and find an agreement on a final resolution to the government through the fiscal year.

The Massachusetts Republican sent the letter to Senate leaders of both parties urging them to end their squabble over the budget, drop the ideological games and come to an agreement, adding that he was “disappointed” in their behavior so far.

Brown started by scolding the leaders, who are currently in negotiations for a long-term budget deal.

“[R]ather than reaching a workable, bi-partisan solution to responsibly address our staggering deficit, we are repeatedly given a false choice between CR proposals that either don’t go far enough to reduce federal spending and proposals that set the wrong priorities that would disproportionately affect low-income families and seniors, while doing little to address critical, long-term issues,” Brown wrote.

Echoing Democratic rhetoric on spending, Brown warned that the Republican-proposed $61 billion budget reduction would occur at the expense of the poor and hurt the economy.

“Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but a wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic, cultural, and social impacts is simply irresponsible. We must also be mindful that many of the proposed spending reductions would disproportionately affect the neediest among us, including housing and heating assistance,” Brown said. “Likewise, some of the proposed cuts would be economically counterproductive, negatively impacting our ability to innovate and invest in research and development.”

As for calls to reduce the federal government’s $1.4 trillion deficit, Brown said there were more important priorities at hand.

“Deficit reduction is a necessary goal for our country,” Brown said in the letter. “But deficit reduction should not be achieved in isolation of our priorities as a government and a society.”

During his 14 months as senator, Brown has yet to vote on an official budget for the federal government. Congressional leaders have chosen instead to fund the government through short-term measures that last only a couple of months or weeks at a time.

With the latest burst of funding set to expire next week, House and Senate leaders say they are “close” to a long-term deal.

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  • billkoch

    Scott Brown is the perfect example of a New England republican. Just add election and they become a RINO. I thought there was hope for us when he was elected, but now he has joined Snowe and Collins. Any cuts in the spending are good and more cuts are better. Why does he not get it????

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  • toofst4luv

    I remember when this guy was elected to replace Kennedy. I got the feeling that the Tea Party was getting duped. I guess now we have the evidence. This should be a warning to future Tea Party backed canidacies. They need to be more aware of who it is they are backing (I’m in Nevada and am digusted by the Tea Parties backing of Angle to run against Reid. Dispicable! Now we get 6 more years of this sockpuppet) I expect just before it comes time for Brown to get re-elected he will declare himself a Democrat. Umm maybe he just did in effect.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Barth/100001221376359 Gary Barth

    STAND AND FIGHT! Scott Brown has quickly forgotten why he was elected, and if he continues, why he won’t be re-elected. It is time to put up or shut up! These cuts are not nearly enough, but they are a huge step in the right direction. Republicans should force this issue, and Scott Brown should pack up and go home with his pick-up truck. This is a classic example of the old axiom, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!”

  • gringott

    Time to start funding a real conservative challenger for this Senate seat.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Let’s start here:

    1: All congressional, and politician”s retirements, including president, vice president, and all political appointee’s who don’t work at least 20 years as a public (hired) employee. Also all health care currently provided. They don’t deserve these benefits as they have lied and deceived the public and caused the situation to worsen by their lack of action which they have a sworn DUTY to do. They can get by on social security and Medicare like the rest of us. Service to our country was not supposed to be a career, so we should not put incentives in to motivate politicians to make it a career.

    2: All subsidizes and tax credits. When congress admits it has “mismanaged” the social security trust fund and can’t pay what they PROMISED, then we can’t afford all these subsidizes and tax credits. All but the richest workers have paid 15% of their earnings into social security and medicare, this was money that if they had been allowed to invest would have realized a greater return and they probably would not have needed these programs! Now OUR GOVERNMENT is stealing this from them first by printing money and devaluing our wealth, and then also wants to reduce or change these programs! This is outrageous and before one penny is allowed to be stolen from our workers, ALL government subsidizes and tax credits need to be revoked, and in the future if any subsidizes or tax credits are considered, be approved by a majority of voters in the 50 states.

    3: ALL foreign aid needs to be stopped. This is just greasing the wheel for American businesses, so let them pay themselves. When we borrow half the funds we need to operate, WE CAN’T AFFORD FOREIGN AID. Let Americans keep THEIR money and THEY can decide what charities to contribute to.

    4: Programs like “earned income credit” must be stopped. This is nothing other than welfare being disguised as a tax credit. You don’t deserve more “taxes” back than you paid, this is stealing from another person. Welfare must be reformed back to only being for those that actually NEED it and not for able bodied slackers, drug and alcohol dependent, and those who just don’t want to work. Persons needing any of the welfare programs should have to WORK for the government cleaning government buildings, along the roadside and many other ways. There should be random testing for drugs and alcohol and those found to be using the government to subsidize this behavior, dropped from participating in ANY government program for one year. Unemployment should not be longer than 1 year period, and after that the unemployed need to take lesser paying jobs.

    5: All citizens of this country should have to pay a percentage of their income, even if it is from welfare, in TAXES. No more free riders who have NO incentive to vote to reign in out of control government spending.

    6: There is duplication and even triple duplication in the federal government, and WAY too many employees fouling up the process of attempting to get ANYTHING done. We need to do away with entire departments, lay off 30% of the federal employees, and let’s start with the useless IRS that lets democrat cheaters and their corporate cronies get away with not paying their fair share of taxes. This is why it is always the democrats who claim we aren’t paying enough, but then it is found out most of them CHEAT or have their lobbyist fix it so THEY don’t pay THEIR fair share. It also isn’t right that almost 50% of taxpayers don’t pay anything. This is outrageous! All taxpayers of this country should be paying taxes, how could they possibly vote responsibly if they didn’t? I would like to see a flat tax applied to everyone on their gross income with NO deductions. If you can’t afford a mortgage, don’t purchase, and same goes for children and other deductions. This would end a lot of the corruption we see that end up with the SPECIAL INTERESTS getting taken care of and not the BEST interests of the American Taxpayer.

  • bassboat

    Brown has obviously not learned that the way out of the mess that we are in exacerbated by the liberals is not from the government doling out money but by the individual. He needs to have more confidence in our citizens. If he can’t, then he is a huge disappointment with me. Scott, don’t be afraid of the media, proclaim what you said in your acceptance speech and the people will follow.

  • Platinumputter

    Brown certainly said all the right things when he ran for senator as a Republican and got my vote as well. But now it looks like he’s just another RINO, only leaning a little too far to the left of center for my tastes. Why don’t these RINO’s just run as Democrats if that’s what they really are? In Massachusetts he would have been elected anyway, as this state is solidly democratic.

    • russ311

      After his victory, I noticed when Brown spoke on national television with his wife behind him, she would sometimes visibly cringe at some of the speechifying he would do because, it appeared to me, she knew he was hypocritically just pandering to the conservative independents who elected him. He was elected primarily to be the killing vote on Obamacare and the Democrats pre-empted his chance to fulfill that purpose. Since then, he has steadily become more and more co-opted by the Democrat caucus to become a typical Massachusetts politician with his eye firmly on his re-election.

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  • votersofny

    I got two words for Scott Brown.

    YOU BUM!!