Movies and the culture war go viral

Which brings us to Crusader Pictures’ first film, the satirical comedy An Incorrect Man. The film was inspired by a series of tongue-in-cheek articles on political correctness written by humorist Judith Weizner and originally published in Heterodoxy magazine, a journal published by The David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Mark Twain said, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” An Incorrect Man is a comedy that satirizes political correctness, bloated bureaucracy, and the proliferation of frivolous lawsuits.

It’s the story of John Wood, an ordinary family man and small business owner who does something really bad. He commits the cardinal sin of throwing away a soda can instead of recycling it. And when he gets a citation, he does something even more outrageous. He decides to fight back.

We have launched a campaign at Kickstarter to generate grassroots support for this film. To read more about our campaign, including a short scene from the screenplay, go to our Kickstarter project page.

Social media is revolutionizing the way movies are made and seen, presenting a golden opportunity for conservatives to level the playing field in the culture war. Join us as we make our stand in the culture war, and use humor to assault political correctness.

Wendy A. Goldman is Co-Founder and Producer at Crusader Pictures. She has had an extensive career in the film and television industry.