ACORN pleads guilty to voter registration fraud in Nevada

The defunct political advocacy group ACORN has pleaded guilty to one count of an election law violation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ACORN attorney Lisa Rasmussen told Fox News that a plea agreement was worked out with the state attorney general. The violation was for unlawfully providing compensation for registering voters based on the total number of people registered. Sentencing for the organization is set for August 10th, and the potential fine is a maximum of $5,000.

ACORN itself was named as a criminal defendant for allegedly running an illegal voter registration scheme called “21,” or “Blackjack,” which paid ACORN workers bonuses based on the number of voters they registered in Nevada during the 2008 election. This is the only case in the country in which ACORN itself was named as a felony defendant, and it has since filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Full story: ACORN pleads guilty to voter registration fraud in Nevada

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  • sunnyr

    I’ve always said that only Voter Fraud could re-elect a stupid little bozo like Dirty Harry Reid! The little Focker STOLE the election and the corrupt SEIU and ACORN helped him!

  • Dave J

    Someone tell Glenn Beck, He was the HERO who told everyone along with the secret tapes that were done by the brilliant infiltrators. You think this is bad, wait till Obama gets his hands on 1 Billion dollars, he can buy all the votes he wants printed.

  • bigalsouth

    The maximum fine is $5,000? How many were registered? How much was paid to the workers? I think ACORN would just consider the $5000 the cost of doing business.

  • Drahcir

    Would that mean that the leaders of the de-funked ACORN(whom has started other agencys)Do Not Have To Pay??

  • alpha_male

    Same people, same goals, different name! Same results in 2012.