Boehner announces another short-term funding bill, Obama summons leaders to White House

House Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday that the House will vote this week on a short-term spending bill to fund the government for seven more days that includes $12 billion in cuts and fully funds the U.S. military.

The bill, which Democrats have already rejected, would buy extra time for negotiations between the House, Senate and White House on a measure to fund the government through this fiscal year. The latest spending bill expires Friday.

The number of cuts demanded — $12 billion — would be the equivalent of cutting $624 billion from the federal budget over the year. The decision is likely a strategic move to put the ball in the Senate’s court, which Democrats control, making them appear responsible for a government shutdown if they refuse to pass it.

“Republicans have no interest in shutting down the government,” Boehner told reporters Wednesday. “Shutting down the government, I think, is irresponsible and I think it will end up costing the American taxpayers more money than we’re already spending.”

The last time Republican leaders held a vote on a short-term funding extension, 54 caucus members defected, which left House Democrats to keep it alive. An early sign that Boehner can rely on his party for the votes this time, however, Indiana Republican Mike Pence, an influential member among conservatives in the party who voted no last time, announced that he would support the proposal.

Reid took to the Senate floor shortly after Boehner made the announcement, and suggested that Republicans were not coming to the bargaining table in good faith.

“It’s not a winner-take-all,” Reid said. “We’ve been more than reasonable. More than fair. We meet them halfway, they say no. We meet them more than halfway, they still say no. We meet them all the say, they still say no.”

“We know the Republicans are afraid of the Tea Party, that has been established,” he added. “Now it looks like they’re also afraid of making the tough choices we have to make. But tough choices are what governing is all about.”

President Obama has scheduled a meeting with Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss the ongoing budget negotiations Wednesday night at 8:45, the White House confirmed.

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  • Lou

    What a bunch of pansies. Boehner had better start crying now, because he is OUT.

  • unmutual

    Every Republican should be wearing a “SAVE COWBOY POETRY!” t shirt with Harry Reids face on it when they are being interviewed abouut the government shutdown.

  • baal

    We need to think really hard about getting rid of Boehner if he cant find his balls.

  • kingfish

    Looks like Boehner blinked first. Too bad. The Republicans just don’t have ANYBODY on their side as mean and nasty as Pelosi and Reid, who didn’t given a DAMN about what ANYBODY on the other side wanted. The PEOPLE have REPEATEDLY told Boehner to get tough, slash everything, and that we support a SHUTDOWN. They just can’t bring themselves to do it for FEAR of criticism by the Dems. THAT SHOULD BE THE “LAST” OF HIS CONCERNS. NOT CUTTING ENOUGH SHOULD BE THE “FIRST” CONCERN.

    Originally, both parties were debating whether budget cuts should be $30 billion or $60 billion. By offering a pathetic budget reduction of $60 billion, Republicans looked like the bad guys for not meeting the Dems half-way at $30 billion, a mere 1.875% of the deficit. They fought over that piddly amount for weeks. If Republicans had any gumption, AND THEY CLEARLY DON’T, they would’ve proposed cutting the budget by $300 billion. A compromise at $150 billion would STILL have amounted to only 9.375%.

    What does it mean when they’re arguing over cutting ONLY 1.875% of the budget? It means that neither party INTENDS to fix or cut a BLASTED thing. Both parties are already talking about decreasing Medicaid by $1 billion to give to the Pentagon. OVER MY DEAD BODY!

  • curmudgeon

    How’s the cowboy poetry festival funding fairing?

    Thanks, Harry, The Hilarious.

  • arepeoplepayingattention2012

    CLOSE IT DOWN! This MESS, the budget, is FROM THE LACK OF LEADERSHIP AND WORK! This BUDGET was to be completed when the Dems had the SENATE, HOUSE, and OBAMA! What the heck, people?! If you want to bash, start with Obama, Reid & Pelosi. Instead the GOP is wasting time cleaning up their mess! Stop the CRs Boehner. It is NOT what you were elected to do!

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  • macombman

    Is there anything funnier than 2 Liberals like Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz discussing how disappointed they are with President Obama’s policies and yet make feeble attempts to defend him at the same time. A Funny edited video, if you’re in the mood for a good laugh.

  • Dee2008

    “making them appear responsible”

    The Democrats ARE responsible. This is the Dems’ budget the Republicans are trying to pass. If the Democrats had done their job last fall, there would already be a budget and Congress could be spending their time on something constructive.

  • Rush Youngberg

    Bachmann, defacto leader of the Frosh, is holding Boehner’s feet to the fire. Perhaps, much belatedly, he recognizes that his political future rests on representing his constituency.