Bristol Palin earned $262K for teen pregnancy prevention work in 2009

Many high school-educated, twentysomething mothers struggle to make ends meet and lack sufficient funds to provide for their children. This isn’t the situation for 20-year-old Bristol Palin, a Candies Foundation representative and advocate for teenage pregnancy prevention.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the Dancing With the Stars finalist cashed in $262,000 in 2009 for her role in raising awareness about ending teen pregnancy.

Palin and former boyfriend Levi Johnston are the parents of a 2-year-old boy named Tripp, to whom Palin gave birth when she was 18.

Last year, Palin told the AP that most girls would probably think twice before engaging in sexual intercourse if they understood how hard it is to take care of a child.

“I don’t think anyone realizes how difficult it really is until you actually have a screaming baby in your arms and you’re up all night,” Palin said.

In addition to giving speeches about teen pregnancy prevention and serving as an abstinence ambassador, Palin has even worked with Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to produce a safe sex campaign ad. Palin also has a memoir titled Not Afraid of Life due this summer.

Some aren’t so pleased about Bristol’s massive paycheck. Celebrity gossip fiend Perez Hilton blogged Tuesday that Palin shouldn’t be given lots of money for having a baby.

“As it is, she’s rolling in dough despite getting knocked up in high school, but its [sic] BECAUSE she got preggers that she’s as rich as she is,” Perez Hilton wrote. “Yes, this girl barely made it out of high school, has no college education and has no life experience except giving birth at a young age. Yet, she is making more money than most us [sic] will see in our lifetimes. Teachers sure as hell don’t make that much. Neither do nurses or police officers or fire men [sic] and women.”

According to an E! News report published Tuesday evening, a source close to Palin said her earnings are “not out of the ordinary for a celebrity.”

“But because it’s Bristol it makes news,” the source told E! News. “She shot PSAs, print and Internet ads and did town hall meetings as well, and the money she made was an accumulation of all of that. This is not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to make an income off of a charity they represent. If you do your research you’ll find that most nonprofits compensate their celebrity spokespeople and Bristol’s no different.”

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  • flynlownslo

    She was robbed! In 1978 actor James Coburn made $100,000 for saying “Schlitz, Light”. In inflation adjusted dollars that would be $330,440.62 :-)

  • Offensive Bias

    Some people(and liberals) gripe that she is making money. Whoopy-DO! Bristol, take the money and run.

    Anyone remember Michelle Obama getting paid $350K PLUS a year at a Chicago hospital in diversity?

  • FoxNewsForever

    I am so GLAD for Bristol. I hope she has 4 more babies and makes a MILLION dollars and tells everyone to shut up.

    Anyone can not have a baby and preach about abstinence. Or get married and have a ton of babies. She had the guts to have a baby to show kids how it is not to be done.

    • Offensive Bias

      Good for Bristol!Rather see her make money then illegal aliens dropping their “anchor” babies on our dime.

  • speppers69

    Why has this “non-story” been on the front page for more than one day??? $262,000 is hardly a lot of money for a now “celebrity” and is hardly worth being on the front page for a few days. Snooki got paid $32,000 for ONE DAY from Rutgers. Bristol Palin got that for a year’s worth of traveling around and speaking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daisy-Smith/100000700766718 Daisy Smith

    I’m waiting for Lady GaGa to weigh in before I form an opinion.

  • loudog

    Better save every penny. It’ll be time to get a real job very soon, mom too.

    • ojfl

      So do you have a problem that she made money or because it was Bristol Palin loudog? What is the problem that she made money?

      • loudog

        Did I say it was a problem? No

    • JDoe

      Well, bless her heart !

      She has been treated inhumanly by the Leftist….just beyond belief horrible..

      all because she became pregnant and choose NOT to kill her baby …

      (everyone “knows” teenage from Democratic families “NEVER” get pregnant out of

      wedlock, right?

      😉 …or do they just kill a their unwanted babies?

      So Bristol makes some money to support her child by going out in public and


      “hey, I messed up…don’t mess up like I did”

      Of course, the Leftist/Dems would just rather she go suck off


      And to think… I USED to be a Democrat (hey…don’t you judge me…admitting

      you have a problem is the first step towards recovery, you know !) lol

      • loudog

        Eventually the phone stops ringing for every D-list “personality”. Terrible, isn’t it?

        • JDoe

          True that, loudog…so Bristol, go get your big bucks while you can, girl !

          If you have to take all the torture the fringe media put you through, you

          might as well get a nice house, car, savings, etc., out of it while you can!

          You go girl ! Keep on, keeping on, as long as you can, Bristol!

          Hey, look how long that hateful old, red headed women did it! And you’ve got

          like 40 or 50 years on her !

          (Damn, wish I could remember that woman’s name…you know the one who’s been

          basing her career and trying to get her 15 mins., off the Palin family?…Oh

          well, no matter as looks like her 15 mins are up now and Bristol’s getting


          • loudog

            Yeah, that red headed comedian that entertains some people and has a talent for making them laugh and has been successful at it for decades. If only Bristol had a talent.

          • The_anniebanannie

            Why are we not surprised the you would think Griffin’s “talent” is something a young woman like Bristol should aspire to?

          • loudog

            why am I not suprised you’d jump to that conclusion when I said nothing about becoming a comedian.

          • pink

            “Why are we not surprised the you would think Griffin’s “talent” is something a young woman like Bristol should aspire to?”

            Bristol’s “talent” is getting pregnant and having a child out of wedlock. So much better to glamorize that, isn’t it?

  • BigRmv

    Yep. I always wait for Perez Hilton’s opinion before I make up my own mind.

    But VG, I think you’re right. Perez’s heart would skip a beat or two if Todd showed up at his door. But I don’t think it would caused by fear. It’s just that he’d probably swoon if a real man paid him any attention.

    As for Bristol’s qualifications or paycheck: Who is MORE qualified to speak about unplanned teen pregnancies than someone who had one? And what is the problem with conservatives or their families or associates receiving speaking fees? I don’t see Charlie Sheen or Snooky turning down any speaking fees. And I don’t hear Perez Hilton talking about their qualifications for anything. Has Ed Begley, Jr. turned down his $10-20 K speaking fees lately?

    Why so many hypocrites on the Left? At least Bristol is facing up to her mistakes and making a living to boot. Why does accepting responsibility and providing for your family so infuriate the Left Side of the Aisle?

  • virginiagentleman

    Did any one notice the critics seldom, if ever pick on Todd ? I believe he would show up at their doors to settle the issue mano y mano. Seems the critics think so too. I hear Sarah has a tough time trying to keep him from doing just that. Imagine a highly irate Todd showing up at Perez Hilton’s door. Game over. The fright would stop Hiltons sick heart. Just sayin’.

    • jeronimodan

      Todd Removed, He’d be welcome on my front steps, mow the lawn with him, but don’t you know every time Bristol picks Tripp up, she’s thinking this little bastard is worth his weight in gold!

      • Jess81

        You know? Every time I think you Democrats have hit bottom, you keep finding a level for bottomed out. Today your great leader is telling the troups to fight and die without pay—a distraction, he called it. You people are viscious beyond any facist’s dream. Pitiful and evil.