Chris Christie calls his state’s teachers union ‘political thugs’

New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie took another shot at his state’s teachers today by describing their union leaders as “political thugs.”

In an interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer, Christie offered no apology for his often tough talk that has left some teachers feeling bruised. He also talked about the presidential possibilities of both himself and his “friend” Donald Trump, and criticism by Jersey rock icon Bruce Springsteen.

While sitting in the school library at Lincoln School in Kearney, N.J., Christie told Sawyer that it’s essential for his state’s education system to change and he blames the teachers union for the harsh cuts his administration is making, that includes layoffs and larger classrooms.

“I believe the teachers in New Jersey in the main are wonderful public servants that care deeply. But their union, their union are a group of political thugs,” Christie said.

Full story: Chris Christie calls his state’s teachers union ‘political thugs’

  • jonavark

    Springsteen? R U friggin kidding me ? Who gives a rat’s a$$?

    There should be a law that you can either be an entertainer OR a politician. Not both. And if you ARE an ‘entertainer’ just shut up and entertain.. what makes YOU think you have any IDEA what is really going on? The drugs you took?

    Bruce.. I have always thought you sucked.

    • esby

      Great, tell that to Rush Limbaugh.

  • southernandproud

    If the shoe fits….. and I think Gov. Christie is ‘da man. As far as Springsteen goes, who cares what he thinks. Just another nobody whose got more money than he can ever spend and thinks his opinion is special because of it.