Military to get paid?

Legislators continue scrambling to prevent a government shutdown come April 8th. With prospects looking bleak, however, some are working on contingency plans to soften the blow.

Among the biggest concerns is that America’s men and women in uniform will not receive their paychecks in a timely manner. Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert and Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston on the House side and Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Senate have introduced companion legislation to ensure that members of the military receive pay on schedule.

The Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act will continue pay for members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in the event a funding gap does occur.

“I am not willing to place the well-being of our military personnel and their families in the balance as we await a budget agreement,” said Hutchison. “Our troops are serving our country, and our country must continue to serve them. This legislation would ensure the military gets paid on time, even if Congress cannot pass a budget before the April 8 deadline.”

Congressmen do not want those serving to be concerned about what is going on at home.

“We need to not have our troops distracted by what is going on at home,” said Republican co-sponsor Rep. Doug Lamborn who has been sending updates to service members in his district. “They are concerned about their families paying the rent, keeping the car payments going, food on the table. They do not need to be worried about that when they are fighting for their lives and country.”

Monday, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said the prospect of soldiers not receiving pay on time is a big concern.

“I am answering you truthfully when I tell you, as I always do, when I tell you that we have not been able yet to arrive at a conclusive determination about how everyone’s pay would be impacted by this,” Morrell said. “We are still working through that.”

Currently there are 90,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan and over 45,000 in Iraq.

“The men and women of the United States military are among the most heroic of Americans,” said Gohmert. “These true patriots place their lives on the line to protect this country and ensure security for our future. If Congress cannot pass a budget, it’s not right for these valiant warriors and their families to suffer through a late paycheck. This is about paying those who protect us and defend our freedom.”

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  • loudog

    Of course, congress will still get paid.
    The military will still be counted on to rebuild other countries that both parties put them in. Do Air Traffic Controllers report to work? FBI? Border Patrol? Social Security and Medicare get paid to seniors?

    All the anti-government crackpots are about to learn how much the rest of the country relies on essential government services and will vote accordingly next election to put them back into a silent, cave dwelling minority.

    • riseabove

      Yes, millions of people will remember how Democrats refused to do their jobs and pass the funding bill last year during the November elections because they were scared it would backfire. They’ll remember how Democrats fled Wisconsin instead of doing the jobs they were taking a paycheck for. They’ll remember all the corruption and the deception from Acorn to the Healthcare fiasco to the death panels to NPR to Planned Parenthood…and yesiree they’ll most certainly vote accordingly in upcoming elections.

      If you didn’t learn from last year’s results that the vast majority of Americans will not be ambushed or blindsided again then there’s no hope for you. The public knows the kinds of lowdown, dirty, manipulative tricks you and your ilk play. The Radical Left has been exposed and they know how naked they are on the national stage. You can see it in their eyes, their expressions, their demeanors. They’ve changed. We can see it. The soapbox has been kicked out from under them. They’re not so tall anymore, not so bold. They are diminished, and they know it. Look at how they’ve been reduced to whining and name-calling.

      While some voters are obviously as hopeless as you are, loudog, most of the people will not be fooled again.

      • loudog

        Meanwhile, Walker’s old seat in Milwaukee goes to a Democrat and his ratings keep going down.

  • arepeoplepayingattention2012

    Cut Executive, Judicial, and Congressional pay. Cut Federal Workers jobs/pay that are not PERTINENT in keeping such things as military pay, social security pay/benefits running. The rest? THEY ARE MILLIONAIRES. It will be like a vacation for them… not like they don’t take enough throughout the year. CLOSE IT DOWN! BALANCE THE BUDGET (since Obama, Pelosi, and Reid negleglected to do this since it is LAST YEAR’S budget). We’ll survive. The less time they are open, the less we pay them for doing absolutely NOTHING!!

  • GeniousIQ

    None of us are planning to see paychecks during the shut down. Yet all of us are required to report for duty. I’m willing to bet that members of congress won’t experience that same situation.

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