Levin on Obama not funding military by executive order: ‘This is what Saul Alinsky Marxists do’

With a government shutdown looming, one major concern has been whether armed service personnel will be paid.

There is legislation pending to make sure those serving in the military don’t fall through the cracks, but according to conservative radio show host Mark Levin, such legislation isn’t necessary. The president could ensure soldiers get their checks using his executive power — it’s been done in the past — but President Barack Obama won’t do it, Levin said on his Thursday program.

“Now listen to me folks, with a simple signature the president can ensure our military personal, who are already at enormous risk, both personal and financial, and sacrifice so much, and so do their families, will be protected financially – with a signature,” Levin said. “And he won’t do it. Reagan did it. Clinton did it. But Obama won’t do it. Now why do you think that is?”

Levin insisted such inaction was indicative of Obama’s attitude toward the military, and suggested the president was using military families as political pawns.

“Because he wants military families, many of whom have loved ones serving in combat on the battlefield overseas upset – he wants them upset so they will call members of Congress demanding trillions of dollars in red ink,” Levin continued. “This is what Saul Alinsky Marxists do. I do not believe that this president has sufficient respect for the American Armed Forces. I never have believed it, just like I don’t believe he has sufficient respect for law enforcement, but this damn well proves it.”

Currently Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert and Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston in the House of Representatives, along with Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Senate, have introduced legislation to ensure that members of the military receive pay on schedule.

“Congress should not even have to put a rider on this continuing resolution to make sure the United States Armed Forces are funded until the end of this fiscal year,” he said. “They shouldn’t even have to do it. How does this man look himself in the mirror? He sends our armed forces all over the world. There they are, off the shore of Tripoli, firing missiles under NATO command into Libya and he won’t make sure that they’re paid? What kind of commander-in-chief is that? Moreover, what kind of president is that?”


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  • borntoraisehogs

    Which branch was Levin in? Rush? Hannity? O’Reilly? Romney? Pawlenty? Carlson?Kristol? Will? Kassick? Nugent? Fred Thompson?Pence?Huckabee?Newt?Santorum?Huntsman?Rudy?

  • riseabove

    Anybody remember that indoctrination video depicting a group of young, black boys in what appeared to be recruitment mode pledging allegience to Obama? Levin is among millions who question Obama’s intent and attitude regarding our military, as well as his overall agenda concerning our country. This is why the public has an interest in Obama’s college records, transcripts, dissertations and courses taken:

    From a speech Barack Obama made in Colorado Springs on July 2, 2008

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Read more: Obama’s ‘civilian national security force’ http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=69601#ixzz1J23IXARR

    Two to three years later and we’re trillions of dollars in debt, no legitimate birth certificate has been forthcoming and we’re in another war. Trillions of dollars in debt, people. Where did all that money go? Who’s doing the auditing and accounting? Where’s the transparency?

  • sunnyr

    Mark Levin is absolutely right about the Marxist in the White House. That BOZO has nothing but disdain for our men and women in uniform He is so finished in 2012!

  • JoeJ

    Levin is a Zionist – he protects Israel NOT America….. that is why his agenda is war and war and more war.

    When you understand that, you will see why he does what he does – you will see his agenda.

    • truebearing

      Joey Jihad,

      Is there a mantra that will help people reach this enlightenment you’re babbling about? Coming from you, I’m guessing it’s something like, “Allahu Akbar”.

      • JoeJ

        True – I thought you and des1 and Supertalk and you’lls relatives were going over to the ME and cleaning up that mess once and for all – what gives?

        Think of the glory of killing all those Muslims. Just think of all that blood on your hands.

        Boy’ would that would make your Zionist mentor Levin very very happy.

        He stays here, you do the killing, and all he has to do is pull you strings – what a deal.

        p.s. Tell us – how does it feel to be a puppet?

    • krjohnson

      *sigh* I thought I gave you a pretty good lecture last time you ranted about this “Zionist” crap on an article about Levin. I guess it went in one ear and out the other.

      To reiterate (in plainer words, and less of them): You are making everyone who advocates a pro-American foreign policy look like a Jew hating Nazi. Please stop. Especially stop using the ridiculous pejorative “Zionist.” It does not advance the debate and makes you sound crazy.

      • des1

        I’ve got news for you….the way he “sounds” is the least of his problems.

        I can disagree with you without feeling that you’re way off base or foolish. This clown, however, is a straight-up moron and as you pointed out, discredits the side he claims to be on. I’d accuse him of being a Liberal plant trying to make Libertarians look bad, but after seeing enough of his posts I really believe he’s just that big of a racist idiot who happens to agree with decent people a small percentage of the time.

        • JoeJ

          Hi des1 – are you confused – libertarians are peaceful people – they are opposed to government killing people in tribal wars. Whereas you want to kill a billion Muslim peoples.

          You are a man of convection and are going over to the ME to kill Muslims – aren’t you?

          p.s. After all that is what your mentor Levin wants you to do – go get them killer – do it for the Zionist neocons.

        • krjohnson

          Ya… but as a Christian I’ve been taught to take people’s words and actions in the kindest possible way. The kindest possible way that I can take JoeJ’s words is that he’s a good guy that really does not understand how his over the top posts have hurt his own side.

          I could be wrong, but until he says something that I can’t take any other way I’ve got to assume the best.

          • JoeJ

            Reducing something to an absurdity is a time wore method of argument. We all know that des1 and the boys are not going to kill anyone themselves.

            They are just thoughtless keyboard jocks who throw in with the current winners of the day. They are a dime a dozen.

            A real bad guy like Lenin, can pull their chain anytime he wants – all Levin has to do is pump out some unfounded fear mongering half truth and he owns them.

      • JoeJ

        Man’ are you words deceitful and fraudulent – Nazis wanted to kill people – I am an American who wants peace. You making me out to be a Nazi is both intellectually perverse and mendacious.

        Both Nazism and Zionism are ideologies that lead a people to war with their neighbors. To say that Zionism is not real is the height of dishonesty.

        Those are the obvious facts. Why is in god’s name is America on the side of the war makers?

        • krjohnson

          Look, it’s not that I disagree with you so much in practice, it’s that I think your rhetoric is way out there. You’re not making a cogent point when you call someone a “Zionist.” All you are doing is making yourself look like a crazy person. In other words, I don’t think you’re a Nazi I think you’re making yourself sound like a Nazi.

          If you really want to use your voice to help stop the militarism that passes for “National Defense” these days then you should stop pointlessly throwing around words that are associated with conspiracy theorists and racists and make actual points based on history, morality, or practicality. Just throwing words around like “Zionist” hurts the image of the rest of us.

          I would suggest you stop reading fringe websites that rely on that kind of rhetoric and pick up a book by Pat Buchanan, Bill Kaufman, or John Denson. Learn how to make an actual point and then come back and join us.

          • JoeJ

            For you to deny that Zionism plays a large role in American politics and American government is just mind boggling. The truth has to be faced – “the truth will set you free” – Jesus Christ.

            The light of day disinfects – using the word “Zionism” to describe our involvement in these wars is honest. Using the word “Zionism” is NOT a call to kill anyone – it is a call to honesty. Zionists call themselves “Zionists” – why can’t you use that word.

            Zionism influence over America will only disappear when people like YOU find the courage to speak the truth.

          • krjohnson

            Do you believe we went into Vietnam for “Zionism?” Do you believe we fought the Spanish American war for “Zionism?” This ridiculous foreign policy we’ve been engaged in has a lot more than just “Zionism” to it. Reducing it to just that makes you look kookish.

            Frankly, I believe you could call me a “Zionist.” I support the Jewish state of Israel. What I don’t support is using the American military for any other purpose than the defense of America.

          • JoeJ

            Do you support the Zionist state of Israel?

          • krjohnson

            What, prey tell, is the difference between the “Zionist” state of Israel and the Jewish state of Israel?

          • JoeJ

            I think you feign ignorance of Zionism.

  • anticorporation

    levin is a tool. a spineless little man with no clue about anything. saul alinksky, you say? so the game is throw shame based on his political tactics and then turn around and use the same exact tactics for his own gain….= hypocrite!

    • truebearing

      And you have a clue? Clue me in as to what that would be. Before you do, however, try writing a coherent, well puncuated sentence.

      What is wrong with using Alinsky’s tactics on his goose stepping, half-wit followers?

    • truebearing


      Are you opposed to unions? They are corporations too. How about environmental groups? Oh-Oh, so are they! Damn! You went and chose a stupid name. how is that possible?

    • West4pres

      He’s smarter than you and you know it. You are green with envy.

  • russ311

    If Obama and the Democrats continue to refuse to legislate any exclusion of military forces pay cessation in the event of a government shutdown, then all military members should be confined to quarters and housing. Strictly for the sake of health and welfare of all service members. No leave, no passes and no off base activities except for such reasons as attendance of classes or for required appointments, return to off-base housing for confinement, transport of dependents to and from school or work if necessary, etc. Other routine activities must be constrained so that the off-base or away from home routines are kept to the near absolute minimum. The risk to life and limb of war-zone deployed service members then would be obviated during the shutdown and for all other service members their lack of participation in community commerce and its impact on local businesses and economies will be solely the fault of the Democrats. If they are not getting paid, service members and their families shouldn’t be unnecessarily depleting any reserve resources they may have in savings and they shouldn’t be expected to work without pay let alone being taking any health risks commensurate with their work.

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  • West4pres

    Mark is a constitutional lawyer and and American hero. I always smile when I see personal attacks on him and I am reminded of how many malcontent marxists spend their time stalking Mark. His best selling book “Liberty and Tyranny” has helped explain to millions of Americans what we are facing and how we can restore our great nation. I am so proud of Mark and I pray that the US military can once again see that through his actions of an unjust war in Lybia and the refusal to pay them, this so called president has nothing but a hate filled heart toward America and how he is a complete failure as a commander and chief.

    • abigcity


      • West4pres


  • pansycritter

    Sufficient respect? Obama has zero respect for the men and women of our military. Why? Because they represent everything that he is not and never can be. He’s a worthless street punk, and he’s tearing this country apart. He single handedly has set back civil rights and race relations by decades. The only tools in his arsenal are a hammer and a wedge and he always happiest when using them. It will take many, many years to repair the damage this man is doing. I don’t see him getting even 40% of the vote in 2012. I hope that I am right about that.

  • Satchmo

    Well, Mark, who cares what you think? You’re a shrill little man who doesn’t know the first thing about the Constitution, but you sure are quick to call people names. Thomas Woods handed you your ass, and you know it.

    • silverdollar

      Right on, Satchmo. Total credibility failure. Mark Levin’s argument in this case is completely stupid.

      • Satchmo

        It’s the same argument Levin uses for everything: because someone in the past did it, that means it’s ok to do it. Somehow, he is under the belief that cumulative unconstitutional actions legitimize his call for continued unconstitutional actions.

        • Offensive Bias

          Satchmo, Levin won eight cases in front of the Supreme court on Constitutional matters. that tells me he knows the Constitution very well and has won more SCOTUS cases more then YOU!. That would be 8-0 that Levin has over you.

    • pansycritter

      He’s a constitutional lawyer you dork. and is president of Landmark Legal Foundation. Get a clue.

    • truebearing


      Your comment isn’t a critique, it isn’t an argument, and it isn’t accurate. It was ironic, but unintentionally. Good job!

      • des1

        The beauty of Satchmo will come when Ron Paul gets obliterated in the primary. He’ll spend millions, his followers will make idiots of themselves (not always mutually exclusive), and he’ll get slightly more votes than Ralph Nader.

        It will be hysterical….just like last time.

        • KaraTheAwesome

          His “quixotic” presidential run in ’08 grew the liberty movement ten-fold. A completely unknown Congressman is becoming a household name. Get a good laugh in sweet cheeks, but when the movement grows ten-fold again, a small mostly unknown political movement will suddenly become one to contend with. I am going to go “waste” my money on his campaign. And who knows, maybe he will win, probably not, but it doesn’t matter as the message is the purpose, the thing that statists thugs like you have trouble wrapping your shriveled up brain around.