If you worry about government cutting too much …

Washington vs. America–D.C. doesn’t doesn’t act like there’s a deficit problem: If you worry that the federal government can’t afford $38 billion in cuts, please read Chris Moody’s article from two weeks ago. There’s a $1.6 trillion deficit but the feds are still hiring. As of March 23 they were hiring someone to run a Facebook page for the Deparment of the Interior (at up to $115,000 a year). They were hiring equal opportunity compliance officers at the Peace Corps and Department of Interior for $150,000 to $180,000 a pop. They were hiring deputy speechwriters for officials at relatively obscure agencies. …P.S.: The point isn’t so much that these federal employees are overpaid, though they are. The point is that if there were any actual sense of a deficit crisis in Washington these are jobs that would not be filled at all. … Well, maybe the Facebook editor. I think that’s a critical investment necessary to win the future, don’t you? …  P.P.S.: That’s what’s so annoying about all the calls from respectable Beltwayish opinion leaders to stop cutting the non-defense discretionary budget and focus on entitlements, because ‘that’s where the big money is.’ From one perspective, this is a rational argument. That is where the big money is. From another perspective, it looks like a tacit conspiracy of Washingtonians not to sacrifice the jobs of any of their friends, or the local economy, by any kind of actual slimming down (of the sort a private company in similar straits would have undertaken years ago).  … In effect, the respectable “pivot to entitlements” position says,”we’re going to cut Social Security checks and Medicare for mid-income old people to save the jobs of $180K equal opportunity officers at the DOT.” … Why not wring the fat out of government first? … Update: Here’s the current list of jobs the government is still filling. …

  • aculeus

    Any competent corporate Budget Director (been there, did that) requires departments to budget personnel as well as dollars.

    In a labor intensive organization (most Federal departments) if you do not control headcount you cannot control dollars.

    Any major corporation that’s been in a financial squeeze has cut personnel, they’ve announced layoffs in terms of people, i.e., “We are reducing our employee count by X thousand” or “All departments are to reduce employee numbers by X per cent”.

    Why aren’t Republican Representatives and Senators highlighting the employee numbers in, for example, Agriculture, Education, Commerce, etc. and demanding that the Administration budget reductions in headcount numbers?

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  • rballan

    This administrations and past administrations cannot cut the budget. Their philosophy recognizes nothing but power and control. Allowing the people the freedom of a small govt and free-market economy intended by our Founding Fathers is just not part of the equation. To significantly cut the military, cut entitlement spending, or eliminate laws and agencies not allowed by the Constitution means a loss of control and loss of power. Also, too much of the American population has willingly allowed themselves to become dependent on govt largesse. About the only ways left to return this country to more freedom is to make it so the citizens want their freedom more than they want their security and govt paychecks, or we let the govt continue on its merry way and crash the system so we can rebuild it with freedom in mind.