Boehner: Obama now open to debt ceiling vote with strings attached

President Barack Obama has agreed to negotiate a deal to cut spending in return for a vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, House Speaker John Boehner suggested shortly after a meeting with the president at the White House Wednesday.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said this week that the president wants to pursue a “clean” vote to raise the debt limit — meaning with no strings attached — but a reporter asked Boehner if Obama had indicated an openness to consider Republican demands to go along with the vote.

“Yes,” Boehner said, without offering any further details.

Republican leaders have said that they will urge their members to vote to increase the nation’s debt cap, now over $14 trillion, on the condition that they see efforts to reduce government spending.

Boehner on Saturday said there was “not a chance” that Congress would send a debt ceiling bill without conditions to the White House.

The shift is perhaps another sign of Obama’s willingness to compromise, a theme Republicans are noticing. After the battle over the Bush-era tax cuts, the continuing resolution deal to cut $38 billion from the federal budget, and now the debt ceiling, Republicans appear to almost expect the White House to bend.

“We continue to move this president places he never said he would go,” McCarthy said during a Wednesday morning press conference. “Think for one moment: In the State of the Union, the president stood out here and said, we would freeze government. Our Speaker negotiated, out numbered three to one. We have cut spending.”

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  • jjsmithers

    Well, why wouldn’t Obama want to do more “budget cutting” after the last scam he pulled on Republicans ? Boehner is a mark, and Obama is just playing 3 card Monte with him.

    Obama will play this game all the way to re-election with the nitwit, spineless Republicans. And he will be more than happy to cut nothing while being portrayed as the guy who brought everybody together to make historic spending cuts– for the good of the country.

    Can’t wait for the Dems and the media to once again tell us how Boehner “rolled” Obama.

    How could we possibly be worse off if the government was shut down ?

  • DC55

    Oh, Please…They’ll cave again!

  • krhteaparty

    Republicans are cowards, only a GOVT shutdown can stop NPR, Planned Parenthood, Net Neutrality, Carbon Taxing by the EPA and ObamaCare. Spin it all u want media….the Republicans are just like the DEMs….big GOVT junkies sending our Wealth as a Nation over the Cliff