Eric Cantor: Trump “is not a serious candidate”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor cast doubt on the legitimacy of a Donald Trump presidency on CNN’s American Morning on Wednesday.

“No, I don’t think he is really serious when we see a campaign launch on the ‘birther’ issue,” Cantor said when asked whether he would support a Trump candidacy.

Cantor has expressed doubt over the ‘birther’ issue in the past. On Meet The Press in January, Cantor declared that Barack Obama was a citizen of the United States. “I don’t think it’s an issue we need to address at all,” he said.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll released on April 12 shows Trump tied for first with Mike Huckabee in a hypothetical GOP primary. Trump’s 19 percent represents a significant increase in support from the previous month’s poll, in which Trump garnered 10 percent.

When asked whether Trump represents the Republican Party’s best hope to take back the White House, Cantor responded, “No, I don’t think so.”

Trump’s quick rise in the polls has been credited to his already strong name recognition, a media blitz he has made in recent weeks, regularly appearing on television shows to tease speculation about a presidential run while simultaneously sparking controversy by discussing his views on the existence of Obama’s birth certificate.

Many prominent Republicans have criticized Trump’s ‘birther’ strategy in recent days, including Marco Rubio, Tim Pawlenty, Karl Rove, and Mitt Romney.

Just yesterday, Romney told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that “the citizenship test has been passed,” and last week¬†Sen. Marco Rubio told Trump drop the ‘birther’ discussion in an exclusive¬†interview with The DC’s Matt Lewis.

Cantor’s discussion of Trump on American Morning begins at 4:59:

  • eingriff

    Another RINO heard from.

  • hanblecheya

    I am embarrassed by how ball-less republicans are, with the exception of Trump. The bottom line is there is no justifiable reason to withhold his birth certificate. Period. And anyone with even one ball would say it and tell the birther BS artists to give the justification for withholding the document. Only pure bred weenies would get buffaloed by those dumocrat BS artists. And yet, the whole Rep field is shaking in their boots and too big of cowards to say the obvious. Dumocrats lie their ass off without blinking while Repubs quiver at the notion of rebuffing those lies. God it’s embarrassing.

  • diamndgirl

    Cantor is a fool…he’s gonna be eating his own words…soon.

    Many other elite big-wigs in the repub party are going to be as well.

  • ballotbox

    Trump!!. Not a good candidate, well who is in the Republican party? As A registered Rep. I’m spellbound at the nonsense that is comming out of Washington. If The Reps. think Newt,Rommney,Huckabee Backmann, or any other is good material I think maybe they should think about what Trump is saying about this Country getting used by the World. None of the Party people have addressed any of those issues. Listen to the American People. Were warning you to 4 more years of Obama if you don’t wake up. If we get one of those same political people, were going to get the same thing we got during the Bush years and I’m not really impressed with the way he took care of the working class Americans. Lets see how it sounds!! Obama, “your fired”. Biden, “your fired” All you czars “your fired” House staff,”your fired” Energy commission, “your fired” Education “your fired” Waste and fraud dept,”your fired” OOOOOHHHHHH! Donalds having a field day!!!!!

  • lvjohn

    I for one hope trump runs we need to shake up this government and this country, by the way mr cantor as a Republican I hope that you are not the future of the party, you need to remove that stick that is inserted somewhere in you and start acting like a human being

  • Rush Youngberg

    Huckabee, Pawlenty, Cantor, Rubio are jackals.

  • dirtytricksjusttowin

    Please Mr. Cantor, don’t bash fellow conservatives. Mr. Trump is our ally (until he proves he is not by running as an Independent) against Pres Obama and his minions. Have you ever heard any Liberals/Progressives bash Obama?

    Concentrate your criticism against Obama and his minions unless you want another 4 years of Democratic controlled Presidency.

  • TrishaD

    Isn’t it funny how NONE of the existing politicians have ANY doubt that Obama is a natural born citizen? I believe the dangerous part of what Cantor is saying is that there are so MANY of WE THE PEOPLE who still have not had the proof presented to make us feel as confident….so when he slams The Donald for his questions and search for the truth – he is slamming the rest of us too. Can you think of how awesome it would be to come up with the proof that this guy is in the White House fradulently and be able to remove him and retract all that he has done. Progressives would not come out from under their rocks for another 50 years. I can tell you one thing – I would stand with Donald Trump over any Rhino running. There is not one other person running who would get the attention of the world and let them know “We are back” and we are not to be messed with – like this man. Yep, I think Cantor might want to be careful of the stones he throws when this guy may just wind up being his new BOSS.

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  • SuperTalk

    The world will Respect Trump.
    So too will Eric Cantor
    But especially Obama will come to Respect Trump when they spar in a Presidential Debate. Trump knows TV, he knows Radio, He knows YouTube, he’s an expert with soundbites. He will jab and stun Obama, he will break Obama and he will call him a liar to his face.
    Meanwhile ratings will go through the roof as the America public realizes they would much rather watch Trump get sh*t done for at least 4 years, then another 4 of a bumbling Obama pussy footing around, slapping his crony capitalist buddies on the back, handing out waivers to his bundlers, and constantly flirting with but never quite satisfying the left with any happy endings.
    As my man Guru once said – It ain’t hard to tell.