Paul Ryan responds to Obama’s deficit speech

Someone pass Budget Chairman Paul Ryan a tissue, because it appears President Barack Obama has broken his heart.

Reacting to Obama’s Wednesday speech on deficit reduction, Ryan said that he was first “excited,” then “naively optimistic,” then “disappointed,” then “sad” and finally, in the end, “sincerely disappointed.”

“I was excited when we got invited to attend his speech today,” Ryan, who authored the Republican budget proposal unveiled last week, said just hours after returning from George Washington University where he was given a front row seat for Obama’s address. “I thought the president’s invitation…was an olive branch. Instead, what we got was a speech that was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate to address our countries fiscal challenges.”

Obama’s speech ripped into Ryan’s proposal, arguing that it would take health care opportunities away from senior citizens, and “ends Medicare as we know it.” His 43-minute talk may have put the vice president to sleep, but it energized the traditionally wonky Ryan.

“What we heard today was a political broadside from our campaigner in chief,” Ryan said.”This is very sad and very unfortunate. Rather than building bridges, he’s poisoning wells.”

Ryan said that was truly expecting Obama to pave a way for the parties to work together on curbing Social Security insolvency, and changing Medicare and Medicaid. Instead, the president took the hour to “pass partisan broadsides,” Ryan said.

“I was excited because I thought he was going to give us something on Social Security, a plan,” he said. “”This is not even a plan. This was a speech. This was a plan to have a bunch of other people set up a commission to come up with a plan.”

When asked if he thought the speech was a sign there could never been common ground on the budget between the parties, Ryan was pessimistic.

“I hope not,” he said. “But this sure doesn’t help.”

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  • formerrepub99

    i apologize. i was not clear. i was not talking about the lack of cars, forced marriages or electricity in future medieval times. kinda funny how you automatically non sequitur to those. i am concerned about the republican party taking us back to the medieval ages (with cars and electricity and hopefully not forced marriage) because, among a lot of things, of the growing numbers of Americans in poverty. we already have in America (yes, today, and you can look it up but you won’t) the same split between the wealthy and poor that we had right before the Great Depression. i believe Ryan’s budget will further shove us economically past a GD and into the Medieval ages (with cars, etc.). (here it comes, the talking point)one of the ways the Ryan budget might help achieve that is by giving and additional $200,000 to each millionaire paid for on the backs of 33 grannies with coupons for their healthcare and that healthcare costing $6,000 more per year (not covered by the coupon). i really think it’s horrible to make the elderly and handicapped on medicare pay anymore as they can barely afford what they’re paying now. so this will leave more elderly in poverty, just like in the GD and the medieval ages. i believe it’s not right for people to work and pay into medicare and then get handed a coupon.
    BTW, it is Paul Ryan’s budget that projects 40 years into the future. which is amazing considering, as you pointed out, “as the economy rises or lowers the numbers change.”
    Also, one thing is incontrovertible: trickle down doesn’t work. it hasn’t worked the last 40 years. (well, it does work in increasing the number of wealthy and increasing the number of poor). giving tax cuts to the wealthy adds to the deficit. it’s on the cbo website. the same cbo that Ryan wanted Obama to use. and don’t foreget the 2.8% unemployment Ryan claimed. turns out the cbo disagrees with him on that, too. but the Heritage Foundation (so bipartisan) was on board with claiming that on their website, until it was ridiculed for the fantasy it was.
    Also, if you do get a lot of trolls here (since i’m new here i don’t know) maybe somebody should get a little curious as to why there are so many former repubs out there. they can’t all be trolls. i don’t disagree with every one of the beliefs of the repub party and not enamored of every little thing in the dem party. i’ve certainly been dissatisfied with quite a few things coming from the White House these past 2 years.
    i repeat: i was expressing my perception that the Ryan budget looks to me exactly like how the Obama plan looks to Ryan. no one should be surprised by that. and calling people names and telling them they’re uninformed, stupid, mentally retarded, etc. does not bolster your argument in support of Ryan, you, or the repub party.
    i just didn’t want to stay stuck in my little world of supported beliefs. thanks for making my first foray into this so welcoming. it was educational. and it ended up proving my democrat families point that it wasn’t worth it.

  • formerrepub99

    Instead, what we got was a speech that was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate to address our countries fiscal challenges.” that is so exactly how i feel about Ryan’s Budget Plan. it’s excessively partisan, hopelessly inadequate and dramatically inaccurate (ask the CBO (the same CBO that Ryan, in that lovely meeting jan 29, 2010 where he insisted Obama promise to use only CBO numbers)). i don’t believe any republicans heard President Obama’s speech yesterday. if they did they’d be remembering the part where President Obama said, “There’s nothing courageous about asking for sacrifice from those who can least afford it and don’t have any clout on Capitol Hill.” i would think the republicans would be screaming about that this morning, but since the sentence included “those who can least afford it”, the republicans historically never care about them, so they didn’t even notice it. why do they want to give tax cuts to people who’ve had tax cut after tax cut the last 11 (arguably the last 40) years? sorry, rhetorical question. just discontinuing the bush tax cuts for the wealthy will decrease the deficit by 40% to 2050 (as a percent of the economy). and a group of millionaires last november wrote a letter to say they support letting the tax cuts for the wealthy expire and please maintain the tax cuts for the middle class. if you need graphs, i would point you in the direction of Jon Stewart http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/tue-april-12-2011-governor-deval-patrick so nice somebody has some clarity here.

    • The_anniebanannie

      You’re either woefully uninformed, a liar or a dem shill, but you sure as hell are not a “formerrepub”. Why do you trolls have to make up stuff like that and then tout the DNC talking points word for word? Too ashamed to admit you’re a liberal leftwing nutjob?

      • formerrepub99

        well actually, i am a former republican. i wanted to expand my information sites and came to this one. i blame the republicans for making me a democrat. just watching and believing in the republicans for most of the past 40+ years, i came to the conclusion that the conservative party kept lying to me. the 8 years of George W. Bush kinda cinched it. everyday i listen to republicans and their plans and their platform and it makes me more liberal. i just don’t believe the republican party offers anything anymore to America. i seriously believe that their platform will take us back to the medieval ages. i realize that there are lots of people who fervently believe the republican platform is great. why can’t you believe that there are people who just as fervently believe the democrat party is great? i know that everyone doesn’t agree with me. why can’t you know that everyone does not agree with conservatives? we can’t all live in our little bubbles. we need to get out and discuss these issues, which includes dealing with the multitude of people who have different opinions. i was expressing my perception that the Ryan budget looks to me exactly like how the Obama plan looks to Ryan. no one should be surprised by that. and calling people names and telling them they’re uninformed does not bolster your argument in support of Ryan. did you even look up the cbo report?

        • des1

          “i seriously believe that their platform will take us back to the medieval ages.”

          Then you are too stupid to be speaking in a public platform. Please tell me, will it eliminate the automobile? Force arranged marriages? Institute a monarchy? Prohibit electricity?

          Seriously, how can you not be embarrassed to be this stupid?

          BTW, your BS claim about the tax cuts is moronic. You can’t project tax revenues for 40 years because as the economy rises or lowers the numbers change. One thing is incontrovertible: Every time the tax rates have been lowered, income into the treasury (as a percentage of GDP) has gone up. You either are not aware of the facts, or as Annie said, you’re another in a long line of trolls we get here who claim to have been Republicans until they decided that they disagreed with EVERY ONE of the beliefs of the Republican party.

          So perhaps your problem isn’t a lack of education, it’s a mild case of mental retardation.

  • Ventura Capitalist

    Ryan on with Mark Levin yesterday brought up a great point… last Sunday, did President Pipsqueak send out the treasury secretary or budget director to talk about the budget on the Sunday shows?

    No. He sent out his freaking CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

    What an insult. Then he puts Ryan in a front row seat to listen to this pos campaign speech?

    What a small, disgusting little man we have for a president.

  • kingfish

    Anytime “The People” call for cuts in government we are ALWAYS threatened with the loss of police, fireman, and teachers. What a FARCE! Below is just an example of the bureaucracy that is heaped upon us to support! They use fear of the loss of critical government functions to stop any form of cutting into their powerbase.

    In the last two years Obama in his march toward making everyone dependent on government added around 200,000 federal jobs that make almost twice as much and have better retirement benefits than the private sector that are strapped with paying the cost of these new hires while making cuts and sacrifices in their own budgets. If this is an example of state bureaucracies, can we even comprehend the FEDERAL BUREAUCRACIES? To top it off, every state and federal agency is a private corporation! I don’t think that is what our Founding Fathers had in mind!

    These are all California State Agencies (CLICK ON LINK)

  • Staunch Coloradoan

    Our esteemed politicians and various administrations for the last 30 years – have only run the Country off a cliff, made us all more vulnerable to security threats inside and outside our borders, completely waisted our treasure and hope for the future…yet in this same time All OF THEM have managed to become wealthy beyond any reasonable or justified expectation for the job they were “elected” to do. Is there any real question here as to why we’re in the mess we are in? It’s not that difficult to figure out really….is it??

  • Kurtis D. Davis

    Is this latest speech really any different than all previous? The President is a man who established fraud before the electorate of 2008, and now proceeds to label such fraud as brilliance. However, he does offer hope of establishing some fantastic record—the reason for the 22nd amendment has never been so apparent, and neither can any person so fully, completely embrace it. In contrast to the war in Libya, there is indeed one part of the Constitution he cannot ignore.