Rand Paul says he’s considering filibuster of budget agreement

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that he’s considering a filibuster of the budget agreement to fund the government for the remainder of this fiscal year.

Paul, who said yesterday that he would vote against the agreement reached last Friday to cut $39.9 billion between now and September, acknowledged that he’s considering waging a filibuster, which would make it so that leaders need 60 votes to pass the deal and advance it to President Obama’s desk.

“Yes, but we haven’t really made a final decision on that yet,” Paul said on conservative talker Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Full Story: Rand Paul says he’s considering filibuster of budget agreement – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

  • mr.wordsworth

    the federal government spends about 4 billion $ a day. that’s less than 10 days worth of cuts. go Rand.

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  • jjsmithers

    The budget reduction deal was a fraud, and of course the idiot Republicans fell for it. That’s why the media has spent so much time praising Boehner and clowns as tough negotiators. Obama gave up next to nothing.

    Rand Paul should filibuster. So should every Republican with either a brain or an ounce of character– but I guess that leaves Rand Paul doing this by himself.