Why’s Obama Losing People of Color?

Why is Obama’s Support Slipping Among Blacks and Latinos? Gallup seems dumbfounded. Fernandez says inflation is beginning to bite. Malcolm suspects a general case of scales-falling-from-eyes. I nominate … [unions?-ed] … comprehensive immigration reform. When Obama pushes for it he alienates blacks. When he fails to achieve it he alienates Latinos. He’s done both. … The timing of the drop (in March) doesn’t support this explanation. But timing’s often off, no? The trend seems to be there. …

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  • victorerimita

    Since we’re looking at these voters as ethnic groups, how about the fact that Obama and the Democrats have failed to deliver to them the benefits promised by identity politics? If these people are voting for (in this case) Obama, as identity groups, isn’t it at least in part because they have been told they will receive some benefit for doing so? What benefit have they received as members of “Hispanic” or “black” identity groups since Obama took office? Some of these people literally thought Obama would be a magic fairy, buying them refrigerators and making their house payments (OK, he has made some of their house payments.) Others may have had more sophisticated expectations or vague ones, such as having their lives measurably improved somehow by virtue of their group identity. The great promises, explicit or implied to these groups, that they would be saved from, or compensated for, their victimhood as minorities have for the most part not occurred. They won’t vote Republican, but they may say, uh huh. I knew it. Another sell out, or whatever. And stay home.

  • brn2bwild2001

    Obama’s support is slipping for one reason…he can no longer be believed to do what he says he is going to do. There is no reason to list all the broken promises…but it’s now clear this is one president who got in WAY over his head. If he were a true American he’d realize it and withdraw from the 2012 election and let a more qualified candidate run for the office.

  • leereyno

    Maybe the color of a person’s skin or the origin of their surname doesn’t dictate what matters to them? Maybe Americans are Americans and care about the same issues more or less? Maybe the future solvency and sovereignty of our nation and the prosperity of its citizens matter more to people than the leftist-manufactured grievances created to set us against one another? Maybe race based politics are skin deep?

    Maybe blacks and latinos are just ordinary Americans with ordinary concerns after all?

  • Miroco

    As a Texan I have observed what the rest of the country seems to have missed. Sometimes first but usually second generation Mexican folks are more conservative than a lot of dopey mall/college/airhead girls. Liberal guys don’t last long here, they become college profs, news reporters, or others in the loser class—or move to California.

  • libertyatstake

    Uhhhh, because he lacks cred, and eventually everybody manages to notice.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • tom kinney

    Oh, I thought you said they were peeing away from Obama. That would indeed be bad news.

    Bad times are always worse for the poorest among us, a fact Obama would know nothing about since his frame of reference is the coastal (Chicago being the Third Coast) elites.

    Or as P.J. O’Rourke says in satirizing a NPR headline: “world to end, women and minorities to be hardest hit.”

    • Ryan.Iowa

      The Great Lakes region could very well be considered a coastal region.