Olbermann says S.E. Cupp demonstrates the ‘necessity’ of Planned Parenthood

The leviathan of all things wise, former MSNBC host and Current TV’s chief news officer Keith Olbermann, tried to cover his tracks Thursday afternoon after implying on Twitter that he wished Planned Parenthood had prevented conservative pundit S.E. Cupp’s birth.

“On so many levels she’s a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does RT @meow_6 #worstpersons S.E Cupp bashing PP on Joy Behar last nite.,” Olbermann posted.

Upon receiving a number of negative reactions, Olbermann revisited his sentiment, bringing the current debate about the actual work of Planned Parenthood into the mix and an ad hominem attack at Arizona Republican Senator John Kyl for good measure.

“.@oakdogg I said no such thing. Only 3% of PP’s work is abortions. Unless you’re moron Jon Kyl,” he posted, referring to Kyl’s exaggeration that 90 percent of Planned Parenthood’s business was abortions.

The more he backed away, the more evident the tenor of his original posting – that he wished S.E. Cupp had never been born.

“@JonesNetIT I never mentioned abortion. I said her parents could have used counseling by PP rather than get the results they did,”Olbermann wrote, adding, “@maggiefanelli no, I insinuated her parents would’ve helped the earth had they consulted PP for birth control.”

Olbermann was reacting to an appearance S.E. Cupp made on the Joy Behar Show Wednesday night in which she discussed the recent budget cuts and her qualms about funding the abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

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  • OthugoisaLOSER3


  • emerson1248

    Olbermann keeps sticking his foot in his mouth you would think he’d learn sooner or later. You can always tell when Kieth is telling another lie, his lips move. Bottom line is murder is murder and those involved will answer for their crimes. Remember what the bible teaches, an eye for an eye…

  • independent

    KO merely needed some publicity. Remember the Hollywood code of ethics: Bad Publicity is still Publicity and any Publicity is Good Publicity.

    The elephants are eating this up and the donkeys are loving it.

  • Ventura Capitalist

    Why can’t Mancow and Olberman get back together? Butch and Fluff were the cutest couple on cable!

  • Two Elks

    Remember this folks, Planned Parenthood receives absolutely NO Federal Funding ! Don’t believe it ? Check the facts for yourself. The media has been doing some bigtime lying on this subject.
    Personally, I am against Planned Parenthood but it is here and it is being used. Get the facts !

  • speppers69

    Okay boys and girls…Let’s decide this by looks…S.E. Cupp….or Keith Olbermann….got both images in your head? Now….which one shouldn’t be here. I VOTE OLBERMANN!!! S.E. Cupp is BY FAR much better to look at!

    • pcnav

      S E Cupp is HOT!!!! Olbermeyer – NOT!!!

      If anyone should have been “Planned Parenthooded” it is Olbermann. He provides no useful service to anyone therefore he has no reason to exist.

  • bigdave

    Who is that ugly dude anyway? Aint heard of him before. From waht I see, good reason to remain “unheard of”, maybe best if “unheard from”. YIKES! Is he some kind of commie throw-back?

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  • Phocus

    There is a reason this crude, creepy, and thoughtless man is no longer on accessible television. The Caller should learn to pass on these stories and let Olbermann drift quietly into the dark hole of oblivion he deserves.