Rep. Berkley to run for the Senate

Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) has decided to run for retiring Sen. John Ensign’s (R-Nev.) seat.

She made the announcement in a statement Thursday morning.

“Nevadans know me and they know I will never stop working on behalf of our state, standing up for veterans, creating opportunities for our children, fighting to end Yucca Mountain and helping our economy recover by putting people back to work. There is so much at stake in this election for Nevada. And that is why I have decided to run for the U.S. Senate and work to build a stronger future for our state,” she said.

Full story: Rep. Berkley to run for the Senate

  • angst

    That picture on the home page is pretty lame, DC. The kind of pic I’d expect from a lefty liberal site. Conservatives can win in the marketplace of ideas, do we really need to compete in the mud-slinging category?

  • SargeH

    Wow! She almost makes Harry the Gnome look human. Even Photo Shop couldn’t fix her. Where do the Democrats find these creatures?

  • designerrant

    Wouldn’t put it past Nevadans voting her in – they kept Reid. They get the government they deserve….

  • erlbiz

    Dammit – bobmac beat me to it!

    Kudos to TDC for finding the most unflattering photo of this
    woman in existence.

    • tinteardrop

      It’s one thing to get out there and do what the ‘regular folks’ do and all, but putting giant sausages in your mouth endwise…well, you only do that once. LOL!!

  • bobmac

    Looks like she would be dishing out the pork.

  • jonavark

    oh.. looks like a real piece of work. Skeletor II.