First quarter fundraising reports are a mixed bag for freshmen House Republicans

According to first quarter 2011 fundraising reports to the Federal Election Commission, several freshmen House Republicans have been taking in significant campaign donations. Others, not so much.

The New York Times reports that the figures, which have yet to be finalized, show strong fundraising for freshmen Republican Reps. David McKinley of West Virginia, Allen West of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Steve Stivers of Ohio, and Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania.

McKinley, who unseated longtime Democratic Rep. Alan Mollohan in 2010, raised $536,654. West, who has been mentioned as a possible 2012 vice presidential candidate after rocketing to national fame as a prominent Tea Party proponent, raised $433,551.

Stivers raised $403,597, Noem took in $391,700 and Meehan received $334,030 in donations.

Of the top fundraisers, West is distinguished for having already spent much of what he raised. The Times notes that the large fundraising sums for certain Republican freshman are significant as all won in competitive districts.

The National Journal reports that several freshmen Republican congressmen also raised disappointingly small sums.

Rep. Dan Webster of Florida, who defeated Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson in 2010, raised only $30,000. According to the National Journal, this sum is smaller than what Grayson has in his inactive campaign account.

The National Journal also identified New Hampshire Rep. Charlie Bass (who raised $120,000), New York Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle ($65,000) and Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta ($106,000) as Republicans whose fundraising numbers point to possible trouble in the 2012 election.

One clear note of optimism for Republicans was reported by the National Journal, that Iowa Republican Rep. Tom Latham raised more than twice the amount of his 2012 opponent, Democratic Rep. Leonard Boswell. Latham and Boswell will face off in a new district that has been created by redistricting.