Sabato: Huntsman’s ‘wet kiss’ imperils candidacy; Chuck Todd defends


What’s in Jon Huntsman’s handwritten letters to President Obama and former-President Bill Clinton?

One of the most frequently cited experts on American politics is saying the letters from Huntsman published by The Daily Caller threaten his very candidacy for President.

“Huntsman’s wet kiss to Obama published by @DailyCaller. Valentines forever. Even $$$ can’t overcome that one in GOP race,” tweeted Dr. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Meanwhile, MSNBC host Chuck Todd is defending Huntsman, saying the ambassador’s praise for Obama is, well, unremarkable.

“Can’t you have high regard for someone as a leader and still disagree with them? Is this how low politics has gotten? Come on people,” Todd tweeted. “By definition, anybody who successfully gets elected prez can academically be described as “remarkable leader” At least 50%+1 of country,” he continued.

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