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Trump donates $100K to Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Cure-a-Thon’

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Donald Trump today pledged to donate $100,000 to Rush Limbaugh’s annual Cure-a-Thon to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Trump appeared on Limbaugh’s popular program, and discussed his possible presidential run.

After the interview, Limbaugh noted that he was receiving emails criticizing him for having Trump on the show.

  • teapartypatriot

    As long as THE HAIR keeps up the non-stop attacks on everything obozo, I say let him do it. BUT – no rational person should jump from liking his (very appropriate and accurate) obozo bashing to actually supporting this self-serving, evil, manipulative, arrogant, narcissistic, lying, chameleon for ANY PUBLIC OFFICE.

    • libertyatstake

      My take is similar. To the Donald on de-legitimizing the Empty Suit – “carpe diem!” On presenting himself as a principled conservative – “not so much.”

      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Scrap Iron

    Rush does this every year.
    In 2001, I was listening to him (new listener) and he stated he would “start things off by increasing his donation over last year.”
    I was thinking to my self, “wow going from 5000 to 6000. BFD.”
    As it turned out, the donation went from 250,000 to 350,000.
    That impressed me BIG time.
    I have heard that conservatives are much more generous with their own money than progressives are, and this is one more bit of information that proves that.

  • Rocketman

    P.T. Barnum couldn’t script Trump – or the GOP – any better.
    A DECENT man would keep his charitable contribution private.


  • jondos

    Hmmmmm, Rush and Donald donating their hard earned money to a good cause. Imagine these evil rich people doing GOOD things with their money. Quite different than what Obama would have you believe. That Obama just can’t stand when large sums of money go to other people rather than the government. How much did Obama donate to charity this year?

  • oc in nc

    Trump is the mouthpiece we have been waiting for.
    He says what no one else has the balls to say.
    He has nothing to lose bringing up the deals with China,this sorry president,the birth certificate,and doing the job the media should have.
    Will he run? Who knows.
    He is damn good at planting the seeds to make America wake the hell up and finally question Obama.
    He has put the democrats on the defensive.Nothing wrong with that,it’s about time.
    Expose the lies and make them put up or shut up.
    Prove who you say you are Obama.

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  • Jasmine Clark

    okay when are some people on the right going to realize? it disturbs me that conservs are quickly latching onto trump. trump is all about his ego, name, ratings, power, and wealth. he’ll say anything and donate to anyone to try to look good. i saw at therightscoop and hotair that mark levin said a lot of things against him- and i’m glad he did! (although i already distrusted trump BEFORE i heard levin’s words) trump is not some strong conservative hero. he’s just a phony.

    how about someone genuine and honest for president. a TRUE conservative. sarah palin.

  • jjsmithers

    Trump is doing what the weak RINO candidates won’t do– he is taking it to Obama.

    Just caught the Trump interview with Hannity (Hannity needs to just shut up and let Trump talk)

    Trump made good points about Obama’s dirty real estate deal with Rezko. And Ayers was brought back into the mix along with Rev. Wright. It was fun.

    I don’t care whether Trump is considered a “serious” candidate or not– he is showing the Republicans how to deal with the media and the empty suit in the White House.

    • souksph

      lol you better get to know the truth from real conservative. Listen to Levin and he has audio Proof of what Trump really is.

      He donated against the Tea party candidate in the November election.
      and He praised Obama and joined the Bush bashing train in 2008.

      Also Trump called Bush the worst president ever and now he says Obama is worst than Carter? There is also an Audio that says Trump wants Universal(socialize) Health care. That will surely blow conservative minds.

      • jjsmithers

        Did you read something in my comment that said I thought Trump was a conservative ? Or even a Republican ? Try reading it again.

        As for Trump saying Bush was worst ever…and now saying Obama is worst ever… What is your point, exactly ? What does any of it have to do with my comment ?

  • ManFromNowhere

    The donation was very kind of Trump, however he is not a serious candidate. Trump is buying publicity pure and simple. This is a man who ripped the Republicans repeatedly pre-Obama and promotes himself relentlessly whether it’s on the Apprentice, working with the WWE, or running a fake presidential campaign. Trump is not a serious candidate and he is taking the focus away from legit candidates like Pawlenty, Romney, Cain, et al. The sooner we get rid of Trump and his conspiracy theory one ring act the better.