George Will: Trump stands chance of making ‘a shambles’ of the Republican Party

Since Donald Trump has been floating the idea of running for president, he’s had a meteoric rise in some polls, suggesting he is a legitimate threat to win the 2012 Republican nomination.

However, consider Washington Post columnist George Will unimpressed. In the online “Green Room” segment of Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC, Will explained that Trump was more important to the process than Obama administration ambassador Jon Huntsman – not because he’s a more effective candidate, but he stands to make the Republican Party look bad.

“Trump’s more important because he can make a shambles of the Republican debates,” Will said. “Just by being there, he can hurt the Republican Party. He is what is called a ‘blatherskite.’ That is a word my grandmother was fond of as someone who blathers promiscuously.”

Will also said he was skeptical of Trump’s policy positions – both social and economic.

“He’s had an epiphany now – he’s suddenly discovered at whatever age he is that he’s pro-life,” Will said. “Aside from that his campaign platform is to reduce standard of living, which is the clear and predictable consequence of a 25 percent tariff on all those goods we buy from China.”

Brookings Institution senior fellow Alice Rivlin said neither Huntsman nor Trump could beat Obama.

“I think either one would guarantee the election of Barack Obama,” she added.


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  • eingriff

    Nobody can beat Obama unless Congress conducts an exhaustive investigation with a view to impeachment.

    Such an investigation should start with subpoenae of Obama’s birth certificate and DNA, which will show he was a natural born U.S. citizen at birth, but had no Negro parent, contrary to his fraudulent claim that his adoptive parents were his birth parents.

    Further investigation, going into the Indonesian connection, should establish that he acquired Indonesian citizenship as a child and confirmed it as an adult. This probably terminated his U.S. citizenship and with it his status as a natural born U.S. citizen. (Can’t be a natural born U.S. citizen if not a U.S. citizen at all.) There will be ample evidence that the Indonesian citizenship was covered up by corrupt bargains to obstruct justice.

    Complete investigation should show Obama to be a Comintern agent from early maturity or before. He took his oaths of office in complete bad faith and with total reservation, intending the very opposite of what he said. He is currently a mole helping to implement the communist strategy of allying with global jihad to destroy the West, thereafter to eradicate Islam.

    By failing to expose Obama for what he is, the Republicans are complicit in the destruction of the Republic, which is under way.

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  • gabrielgil513

    Successful businessmen, really- DT? Those who think that clearly are not familiar with vendors and banks nailed by his repeated bankruptcies. He is a con man and a bully. He will never run because bullies don’t have the guts to show their true colors. His tax rate is probably close to or at zero, because as a real estate investor and due to a Clinton era change in the tax code, he can take paper losses generated by the bank’s $$$$ (such as depreciation) against earned income. Enjoy those limo’s America, because YOU are paying for it (and NBC also). Nothing like welfare for the wealthy (comparatively speaking in DTs case), the new slogan for the repelican party!

  • truebearing

    Trump has shown some courage lately in attacking Obama over various things, but I am afraid Will may be right. Trump is just too mercurial and self-serving to stand reliably on principles or put the good of the nation ahead of his own glory, and we already have that kind of leadership in this country (not that it is humanly possible that he could suck as bad as Obama).

    I think one has to consider the self-sacrifice quotient in choosing the right candidate to face Maobama in 2012. Trump has damn little of that. Would Trump show up at a Madison Wisconsin Tea Party, with the cold, biting, wind blasting the wet snow into his face, flapping his hair in the gale while the deranged, hate obsessed leftist morons scream, chant, howl, and maniacally bang drums, jangle cow bells, blow vuvuzelas, crank sirens, and blow whistles? I don’t think so. He would prefer to speak in Florida. We need someone who will go straight into hell, with a smile on their face.

    What other Republican candidates would face down the Madison minions of hell, or any others for that matter?

    We need a truly great president this time around, not just a place holder or someone who wants to be great but be comfortable and look stylish doing it. We need someone who isn’t afraid to lose everything, and Trump isn’t that person. Most people think Lincoln is the greatest president. He died for his efforts to save the union. We’re in that kind of situation again, and we need a president with the strong spiritual tether and willingness to face any level of adversity. So far, only Palin shows that kind of steely resolve.

    If Trump cares about this country, he will drop out, but do everything he has been doing, and more, to defeat the seditionist left.

  • mdiavaro99ro

    Well, Will is right up to a point aka from a certain perspective and discourse.

    But Will is still missing an important point here: there’s enough idiotic politicians and yes, by comparison, Trump (or anybody else for that matter) is at least as entitled to claim the floor. LOL Sure he can also afford it unlike many others. This is in fact what Trump is saying: “are you happy with the current situation? Are you tired with morons running this country? Do you think I can do at least as much as they did? I mean probably even an illegal housekeeper could perform just as bad if not better…” IMAO this is part of a discourse that could win against any incumbent in times of recession and discontent.

    So make no mistake, should he be able to win the nomination there would be votes for him at the ballots. In fact for just about anybody (even a monkey in disguise). Elections are not like open questions: there’s just 2 real options available and whoever wins the nomination (be it the Republican or the Democrat one) is just one step away from being the president.

  • beafrank

    Did not we hear the same prognostications regarding the Republican party and Reagan, after the 1992 and 2008 elections, regarding Palin, the Tea Party and now Trump? It only indicates the northeastern Republican upper crust is losing its grip and influence.

  • chuckinlasvegas

    As for Donald Trump, kudos and thanks for what you do. Your creation of wealth and concomitant creation of jobs are essential to capitalism and the free enterprise system. Keep up the good work.

    As for keeping a large share of that wealth at the ready, by the results you‘ve acheived, that right has been earned. It leaves you in a position to react with lightning speed when new opportunities present, ultimately creating new wealth and additional jobs. Just try going to the government handout window and saying, “I know a guy who knows a guy with this fantastic idea that may or may not work.”