Sharron Angle sings ‘God Bless the USA’

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At a ‘Tax Day Protest’ this week attendees expecting the usual perfunctory and dispassionate “God Bless the USA” instead were treated to Sharron Angle’s unprecedented yet impressive showmanship. Where most politicians would leave the singing to the professionals Angle instead grabbed the microphone, and was all smiles as she sung a surprisingly good rendition of the classic song.

Her performance is even complimented by a proud American waving a flag in the background. Her smiley, enthusiastic singing leaves questions unanswered though. Is Sharron Angle merely stepping up her political game, or is this a precursor to her announcement as a candidate on American Idol?

  • d wayne

    Harry Reid did not become Majority Leader by being an idiot. The man is a political animal. His machine turned out the vote state wide, but especially in Las Vegas.

  • GeniousIQ

    Go away. Thanks to this idiot we now have Harry Reid back in office.

    • virginiagentleman


    • notalone

      Yeah no kidding and don’t forget who was out there shouting from everywhere none other then palin. Looking for her in this video – gee I don’t see her!

    • lrgon

      No, it’s you that has it all wrong.

      Thanks to the cheats who stole the election from Mrs, Angle. Polls showed her ahead of your squeaky pal Harry the rat Reid.

      You can also thank the liberal establishment GOP leadership who didn’t want to support Angle. Her conservative positions scared the living daylights out of these clowns. she advocated a real balanced budget not the crap we got from the looney trio of Ryan, Cantor and Boehner who sang sour notes during the budget “debate” that led to another sell out by the GOP establishment compromisers.

      Angle advocated ending the departments of Energy, Education and getting the heck out of the UN. Reid loves the bureaucracy and the war making world agency he calls the UN “Peace force.” The UN speaks and Reid and his GOP counterparts jump at the chance to get into another war. Angle has said no to UN war resolutions; we need the US troops here at home to defend our nation’s borders.

      While you are using the liberal media’s talking points call up Rachel Maddcow and thank her for telling lies about Mrs.Angle and the Nevada media that took every occasion to try to trash her.

      • esby

        I love that there’s no responsibility for crazy. Harry Reid didn’t win because of voter fraud. He won because between him and Angle, the voters hated him less. It was a race against negatives. See how she does in a real Republican field.

        • notalone

          Many of us knew she couldn’t win just by listening to her. Take some responsibility – so tired of it was someone elses fault or some other excuse.