Buchanan calls out own network for promoting birther issue: ‘MSNBC is transfixed with it’

MSNBC – the place for birtherism? Even MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan is beginning to think so.

During a segment on Cenk Uygur’s Tuesday MSNBC show, Buchanan said he doesn’t buy into the whole “Obama wasn’t born in the United States” conspiracy theory. However, he wanted to know why President Barack Obama hasn’t taken care of the issue in a satisfactory way.

“I don’t think the Republican Party is a monolith at all,” Buchanan explained. “I tend to agree with what Mitt Romney said when he said, ‘I believe Barack Obama was born in Honolulu.’ I believe in the newspapers are probably dead-accurate on that. But at the same time, I do agree with Donald Trump when he said, ‘Why is Barack Obama toying with the American people? Why doesn’t he just produce this and end this controversy?’ I think it shows a real arrogance of power and secondly, I will say this, why does not the White House press corps really push the press secretary and say, ‘Look, end this controversy, produce it and get it over with?’”

Liberal radio host Bill Press contended that there were more important issues for the White House press corps to focus on, especially since the president had already put the issue to rest. Press contended the question had been asked but Buchanan said it continues to be a distraction, especially on MSNBC.

“Tell me, Bill, you say to Jay Carney, ‘Jay why doesn’t the president just release the birth certificate? Get this over it with? It is an enormous distraction for the country? MSNBC is transfixed with it. They ought to focus on the issues you talked about – Libya and Iraq. Please, Jay ask the president to release his birth certificate for us?”


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Press alluded to a 2009 question he asked during a White House press briefing about the issue, which then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called it “made-up nonsense” and that prompted Press to say it was a dead issue from that point forward. Uygur added all the attention to the birther issue could cost his party the 2012 election. But Buchanan questioned that statement, since MSNBC is repeatedly having him on to discuss it.

“Well, first, I’m not running in the general election,” Buchanan said. “Second, I’m wasting my time because you invited me on here to talk about the birther issue.”

And Buchanan added, he had never taken on the issue on his own, but only because MSNBC asked him to.

“But look, you know, let me just say, look, Cenk – the issue of the birthers, back before the election I got e-mails on the stuff,” he said. “You get them, thanks, read them, drop them off, never raise it had. I have never written a column on it but I have been invited here hundreds of times to talk about the issue. Now first you got the birthers who love the issue, then MSNBC loves the issue and the Donald, loves the issue, and everybody seems to be having a nice time, want to close to it by asking the president, ‘Please, Mr. President get your birth certificate and let us see it.’”

Press and Uygur suggest the Republican Party elders should intervene and tell their candidates to put the birther issue to rest, as conservatives like George Will and Charles Krauthammer have suggested with their dismissiveness about a Trump candidacy. But Buchanan explained that’s not how the Republican Party functions.

“Let me just make one more point here,” Buchanan said. “Look, Bill talks about the Republican Party as though it’s a monolith or the elite of the Republican Party is going to put down a directive that nobody can talk about this or that. We don’t want that. We want a robust debate. Frankly, I’d love Ron Paul in there with his views on foreign policy. I’d love to see Sarah Palin with her views on right-to-life and social conservative. I got no problem with Donald Trump. If he wants to raise that issue or any issue, let the voters decide, for heaven’s sake, instead of the party. Here’s what you must do and Karl Rove telling us the positions we must take – I don’t care what it is.”

  • LordHowardHurts

    Isn’t it telling that there is enough doubt and confusion about Obama’s birth certificate to cause a rational person to wonder, yet the media never asks Obama to provide the proof, he has possession over, to make a final conclusion? You see, asking one about their birth certificate is actually a question that can only be answered by heresy testimony, as nobody, even though present at that very time, remembers the day, or place, of their birth. And then again, why all the lawyers, for Obama, to see that this most asked for birth certificate is never produced in court? Now if the certificate he has produced for the media and posted on the internet is REAL, then why not just produce this document in court? MAYBE BECAUSE IT IS FAKE, AND TO DO SO WOULD SUBJECT OBAMA TO A CHARGE OF PERJURY OR WORSE. Wise up morons.
    Lord Howard Hurts freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  • shepmoors

    MSNBC keeps harping on the birther issue because they don’t want to have to discuss Obama’s failure as president. They try to paint all conservatives with the “crazy” brush and it simply is not working. If they stopped talking about this – 90% of the talk about it would go away. Trump would be the only one still bringing it up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ramone-Love/100001872878784 Ramone Love

    Cenk? What kind of name is Cenk?

  • pink

    BREAKING NEWS! Proof positive Obama was born in Somalia:

    • HoosYoDaddy

      NEWS ALERT: Your “post” is further proof (and none was needed) that you in particular, and the ever-dwindling minority of misguided fellow Obama-Scholars still in denial about The Fraudulent One in general, with your entitled, hypocritical, divisive hands out, searching for jobs in your Volts, or stuck in the free cheese, mortgage, or Obamadebacle care lines (while the rest of us pay our bills and yours), or at a pro-mediocrity, pro-Islam or anti-American rally (in this horrid economy and failed socialist experiment of your making), need to find a clue..or at least a shred of intellectual honesty, credibility or integrity. :)

      • pink

        Hey, I pay my own bills, thank you very much. And you know what? I probably have enough money left over to buy you a sense of humor. Get a grip.

        • HoosYoDaddy

          Sense of humor? That WAS the most light-hearted reply that your leftist attempts at humor deserve. Guess humor is a subjective topic.

          Barry’s destructive, misguided, ignorant and arrogant policies might be funny too if they were being implemented in an alternate universe, cartoon, or work of fiction; unfortunately, thanks to moonbat Obamabots such as yourself- they are real, and the destruction of our country, economy, The American Dream, exceptionalism and values is not funny to mainstream, concerned patriots or our families..the vast majority of citizens..you know, the “enemies” according to your Dear Divisive Leader.

          Just for laughs, how about naming one policy that Obumbler has gotten right in (27) months.. and/or not lied about! It would be even more hilarious to see you go for two!