Coulter calls Trump a ‘clown,’ rips gay marriage in GWU speech

Conservative media figure Ann Coulter likened potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to a children’s birthday party entertainer in a speech on Wednesday night.

“I think Trump is a clown,” Coulter said during an appearance sponsored by Young America’s Foundation at George Washington University. “I expect the enthusiasm for him is based on two things: that the rest of at least the declared candidates aren’t exciting anybody, and there’s name recognition. And he has come out like gangbusters against the Obama administration like an establishment politician probably wouldn’t.”

Coulter went on to rip Trump for his donations to Democratic political campaigns. “It’s all just a big act for the moment,” she said. “History for liberals always begins today. It’s very easy to say the right thing that’s only appealing at a certain time.”

Coulter also dismissed Trump’s claims that President Obama may have been born in Kenya. The “birther conspiracy,” she said, was “started by the Hillary Clinton campaign,” and subsequently disproved by conservatives who looked into it. If anything, she said, it’s distrust of the news media that keeps birtherism alive. “I think there are some people who’ve been lied to so many times by the media about whether John Edwards was having an affair, whether the kid was John Edwards’. Was Clinton having an affair with Gennifer Flowers? How about the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss? We’ve been lied to so often by the mainstream media that I think a lot of people who don’t pay a lot of attention to politics think, ‘Oh yeah, he probably was born in Kenya.’ I run into such people, but never people who are involved in politics.”

When one student asked Coulter what five things she would cut from government, she began with the Department of Health and Human Services, because it “costs more than the Pentagon,” and went on to name the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, the CIA (“because Walmart has better intelligence”) and the “entire office of [New York Democratic Sen.] Chuck Schumer.”

To a young gay man who asked her why she opposes gay marriage, Coulter replied that he has “no fewer rights than heterosexuals have.” You can get married, Coulter said, “it just has to be to a girl.” As for inheritance rights, Coulter recommended that he write a will, since “you’re constantly reading about old ladies leaving their entire estates to their cats.”

Opposition to gay marriage, Coulter continued, “has nothing to do with being anti-gay. The family has been under relentless attack for 30 years in this country. The gays didn’t start it, but I understand you’re coming late to the sexual revolution. You’re late to the sexual revolution. But, oh well, life is unfair. I’m not married, life is unfair, and I’m 120 years old. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

  • Pizza Trays

    I’m with Coulter – you can’t redefine marriage and let everyone in. Look at Canada: now polygamy is on the agenda. This is just bizarre. All the cool gays I know are anti-gay marriage. As for, Trump, I think anyone is better than Obama at this stage. On the plus side (if he is serious) finances won’t be an issue as they were for McCain. Money is important. -Ben

  • lamecherry

    Why shouldn’t Ann Coulter be obsessed with homosexuals as her closeted Karl Rove talking points have done nothing but trash people on the right from the Birthers which make up the majority of the Tea Party and now Donald Trump.

    Ann Coulter hooks up with Al Sharpton and Geraldo Rivera as her sidekicks. If you study her she is nothing but the patrician socialite of the Letterman cocktail crowd, a Keith Olbermann with less flesh.

    This group is the reason the Obama regime came to power, the reason Conservatives have been destroyed in their leadership in Reagan ideology and the reason they are the Cassius Class.

    Final talking point:

    If Donald Trump is a clown, then Ann Coulter must be Obama’s whore in waiting as she sells her wares to the right, but is in bed with liberals.

    There are so many other talented Ladies on the right that Conservatives do not need this Coulter woman.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Mertins/1320481415 Craig Mertins

      Wow. I just got done reading a book about the extremism now dominating the Republican party in the form of the Tea Party movement, and your post shows me just how spot on correct the author was. You people expect your entire party to be in absolute lock step with your views on everything, and if they aren’t, you attack them with the same kind of ugly, vicious name calling that you use against the left. I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, specifically because she’s made a career of spouting the very same brand of vitriol that has now been co-opted by the Tea Party, so it’s incredible to witness a conservative denouncing her as an “Obama whore” and a closet liberal. But you Tea Party hysterics are in for a rude awakening very soon, and after watching you strut and preen and bellow for the past two years I can’t wait to watch you to get blasted by a hard dose of reality.

  • lrgon

    “Sodomy?” That vile act has been condemned by every civilization in history! It’s making a comeback by the same lame-brained class of idiots who gave the name to this retarded pass time. Here you have a bunch of freaks who think that the rear end of a man is where the ovary glands are located. What a bunch of crack heads.

  • didistutter

    Ann just can’t get sodomy out of her head. I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with homosexuals.

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  • oldguy5

    Coulter isn’t for anyone she has not endorsed. If she hasn’t said they are OK then they are clowns. I don’t think Coulter is any better than the vulgar talking dems and their buddies the unions.

  • behonest

    I think everyone in this country right or left has a right to free speech, and their opinons, the best will rise to the top just like cream. I don’t see the rush we are talking Jan 2012 first caucuses. So far I think Obama has done a lousy job,I want someone who puts our country first.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com apollospeaks


    An April Fool’s Day joke on the internet had Donald Trump offering a handsome reward of $5 million to anyone who could produce a copy of Obama’s original long form birth certificate. This gave me the idea of Trump confronting Obama directly on the issue with a Five Million Dollar Challenge. What I mean is this: If Obama is being truthful and has nothing to hide then Trump should test him with an offer he can’t reasonably refuse. The offer will be the sum of $5 million (or more) as a donation to Obama’s favorite charity* in exchange for going public with an authentic copy of his original birth certificate. If Obama ignores the offer and is willing to endure the bad publicity of depriving a humane and worthy charity of millions in needed funds (done over a paltry birth certificate) then we can be certain that he’s hiding something far more damaging-the bad PR being the lesser of two evils. This I believe is the best way forward for nailing the president on this issue and vindicating or humiliating Trump and the birthers.

    Click my name and read more of this widely linked article on my top Townhall.com blog.