Theismann: ‘I don’t think Cam Newton’s a first round pick’

While it is widely expected that Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton will be the number one pick by the Carolina Panthers in the upcoming NFL Draft, former pro quarterback and present day NFL Network commentator Joe Theismann said Thursday that Newton shouldn’t even be looked at until beyond the first round.

“To be honest with you, and I’ve never said this any place else, I don’t think Cam Newton’s a first round pick,” said Theismann of the Auburn University quarterback known for his running skills during a radio interview on WTEM ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C.

“I think that you have a number of quarterbacks,” continued Theismann. “You’ve got [Blaine] Gabbert, Newton, [Ryan] Mallett, [Andrew] Dalton, [Christian] Ponder, I mean, those are the top five guys everybody’s talking about.”

Those five quarterbacks, according to Theismann, are of nearly the same attractiveness in the draft,  leaving Newton as not necessarily the standout front runner. In fact, Theismann explained, he’s underwhelming.

“You’re talking about a kid that started one year of football. He’s rushed the ball a lot more than he’s thrown it. He hasn’t thrown the football a lot. And when he did throw at the combine, he was not impressive.”

“Everybody’s talking about ‘Cam Newton this’ and ‘Cam Newton that’,” said Theismann. “If I’m the Carolina Panthers, I do not want this number one pick, guys.”

The first round of the draft takes place Thursday, April 28, followed by rounds two and three on Friday, April 29.

LISTEN: Theismann: ‘I don’t think Cam Newton’s a first round pick’
‘Sports Fix’ with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro – WTEM ESPN 980

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  • Drahcir

    Cam may not be the best at what he does, but he adds fire to the offence. Don’t believe me? Look at Auburn.

  • SteveMG

    Cam Newton was hands-down the best college player in America last year. What he accomplished was astonishing.

    But the system he ran at Auburan – a very vanilla mostly spread offense – cannot be run at the pro level. And as Theisman pointed out, Newton has played one year of college football. Again in a system designed to showcase his incredible talent but not in any way similar to a pro system.

    I’d take him in the first round but it would be late and on a team that doesn’t need a QB right away. If every other QB in this draft is 2-years away, you need to add at least another year for Newton. Very raw.

  • dollar10E6

    Joe doesn’t like anyone whose name doesn’t rhyme with Heisman. When he was an underclassman his name was pronounced THEEZMAN.

  • Mark Matis

    Thank God that at least somebody has the honesty to point out that last year’s Heisman Trophy was not necessarily awarded to the best player!

  • jiminga

    Opinions from a talking head that’s never run a football club or worked as a head coach…..blah, blah, blah.

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