‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua makes Time magazine’s list of influentials, meets live tigers


When she was placed on Time magazine’s 2011 list of the world’s most influential people, “Tiger Mother” Amy Chua probably didn’t think this meant she’d get to pose with real tigers.

As it turns out, the Tiger Mom has what it takes to stand next to two actual tigers.

“I was told that the tigers would be cute little tiger cubs about 6 weeks old, but there was a mix-up and they were 6 MONTHS old 8 MONTHS old — 200 pounds — but also beautiful,” Chua wrote in an e-mail to The Daily Caller. “It was the maybe most amazing experience of my life. There were 3 trainers.”

That’s not to say the encounter was easy. Chua tweeted on Thursday through her brand new Twitter page, “the tigers were def real! they came with 3 trainers in chains and were constantly fed raw chickens..”

But Chua, a Yale law professor and the author of the bestselling memoir “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” said she was “honored” to have been selected for Time’s compilation of influential folks.

“I am so very excited and honored to be listed! I was especially touched by the write-up by Sheryl Sandberg, whom I admire enormously,” Chua told TheDC.

Chua has been racking up accolades lately, having also just earned the 2010-2011 Yale Law Women Faculty Excellence Award.

Chua’s two teenagers are proud of their mom for landing a spot on Time’s list, especially since she joins “Grenade” singer Bruno Mars and “The Fighter” stud Mark Wahlberg on it.

“My daughters, meanwhile, are especially impressed that I’m on a list with Bruno Mars and Mark Wahlberg,” Chua told TheDC.

Chua debuted her Twitter account on Wednesday with the teaser tweet, “So excited to finally join Twitter! Some wild news soon. (Teethmarks on my leg)”.

Time magazine COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote of Chua’s inclusion, “Few have the guts to parent in public. Amy’s memoir is brutally honest, and her willingness to share her struggles is a gift. Whether or not you agree with her priorities and approach, she should be applauded for raising these issues with a thoughtful, humorous and authentic voice.”

Chua has been the subject of worldwide criticism since the January release of her book that deals with rigid child-rearing. In an interview with TheDC, Chua said the work was meant to be funny and self-deprecating as opposed to a parenting guide, adding that most people would change their slanted opinion on her if they were to visit her website and Facebook page, both of which explain that she penned her memoir upon having constant arguments and a memorable explosive fight with her 13-year-old daughter.

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