Even in Delaware, ‘Obama 2012′ bumper stickers don’t mention Biden

For those who are seeking signs and portents for the 2012 presidential matchup, may I suggest a trip to Delaware? Here’s what you won’t be seeing: Joe Biden’s name on the “Obama 2012” bumper stickers.

Yes, even though it’s only April 2011, the latest Obama bumper stickers have arrived, along with the heavy spring pollen count. But I thought it was curious that the campaign hadn’t done a special run, at least, of “Obama-Biden” stickers for the Blue Hen State.

In 2008, in addition to the usual “Obama-Biden” stickers, local Dems sported special “Delaware’s Joe Biden” stickers on their cars. This was funny considering how the campaign had remade Biden into the “scrappy kid from Scranton” to capture the Pennsylvania votes that Obama had lost to Hillary Clinton in the primary. (Never mind that Joe had spent over half a century living in Delaware, but I digress.)

Lest you think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, remember that Bill Clinton’s White House constantly referred to the “Clinton-Gore administration” as a way to cement in people’s minds that Al Gore would carry on Clinton’s policies in the following decade. It essentially became a one-breath word: “ClintonGore.” Not so with the current administration.

There’s room for only one person on the stage in this administration, and it’s the president. For the other guy, being vice president seems to be a transition-to-retirement job.

What will the 2012 campaign bring? If Obama opts for Biden again or a Biden-like running mate, it means he is less concerned about establishing a legacy candidate for 2016, seeking instead to ensure he is the sole light in the presidential sky. Those new bumper stickers may be a hint that Obama is leaning toward the “sole light” approach.

Since this is a fluid situation, I promise to keep a keen eye on developments from the parking lot of my local Happy Harry’s drugstore!

Joanne Butler is a senior economics fellow at the Caesar Rodney Institute of Delaware. You can email her at joanne-butler@comcast.net.

  • bigsigh

    Obama = “The me, me, me show”.

  • leblancrg

    Of course Biden is a liability. He will be 70 next year so he could do another term but, he will be pushed off the ticket and will gracefully retire to “spend more time with my family”. Obama will look for someone in line with his views with experience experience. Watch for Kathleen Sebelius or Evan Bayh. Sebelelus is pro Obama’s healthcare plan, pro-choice, supports gay marriage, pro gun control and wants to dump billions into the education system. My money is on her. As Hillary has said publically she will not run in 2012 Sebelius won’t be able to resist if asked.

  • whatthe

    This piece has the depth of research and strong grasp of facts I’ve come to expect from the State Policy Network.


  • C0ncerned Citizen

    The bumper sticker that they need in Delaware…..


    Let me know what you think.