Freshman Rep. has checkered past as undercover FBI agent

Rep. Michael Grimm, a freshman Republican from New York, is in the spotlight following a New Yorker story that details his past as an undercover FBI agent.

The story reveals Grimm was investigated for an ugly episode at a New York night club in 1999 in which, according to a retired NYPD officer and other witnesses, he threatened the estranged husband of his date and held patrons against a wall while holding a gun.

Grimm denied the account and said he was exonerated by the investigation, but neither the FBI nor the NYPD will provide documents that could verify what happened.

The story also provides an interesting inside look at the world of the FBI’s paid informants.

Grimm’s undercover name was Michael Garibaldi, which a source notes was the name of a prominent character on the sci-fi show “Babylon 5.”

“Garibaldi” worked with a con-man and paid informant, Josef Myers, who claimed to be the heir to a fortune from Austrian royalty. The FBI repeatedly helped Myers avoid punishment for a string of crimes to keep the tips coming in. But the story questions whether Myers helped manufacture crime that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

The article is not online yet.

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  • Patrick Henry

    WOW, this is really Earth shaking news. An undercover agent acts like a Mafiosi.

  • timzank


    The New Yorker disparaging a Republican?

    Yawn again…..

    Wake me when The New Yorker “uncovers” something newsworthy.

  • emem

    ROFL – didn’t realize the New Yorker had an investgative reporter on staff.

    They must be new hires because for 3 years they have not investigated anything about Obama, his Czars, or appointees.

    Gotta run out to the newstand and get a copy – NOT!

  • borntoraisehogs

    It’s what cops do. Snitches have a free pass and know they can continue to violate the law prior to getting burned.

  • MerryJ1

    I’d venture a guess that the undercover legend/identity “Garibaldi” selected by (or for) Mr. Grimm, was influenced more by “the hero Garibaldi” than with some character from a sci-fi show — particularly if his undercover work included efforts to establish connections or any type of rapport with Sicilian and/or Italian mobsters (many, especially the old-timers, are well-versed on Italian history). It was Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) who united Sicily with Italy in the 1870’s.

    Stuff happens, and it does sound as though Mr. Grimm had some kind of unpleasant personal incident involving a date and her ex. Who hasn’t? If neither the FBI or NYPD will “provide documents” about the alleged night club kerfuffle, and neither the FBI or NYPD have contradicted Grimm’s contention that he was exonerated by an investigation of same, the fallback position should be that he was exonerated. Case closed.

    In any event, who an undercover agent “works with” would seem to depend on who he (or she) is assigned to work with; and if misdeeds by paid informants are covered up, that would seem to require complicity from the agency, not the agent. That has happened too many times, but the one to rake over the coals in this case would be Louis Freeh (1990’s) or Mueller (since mid-2001), not Grimm/Garibaldi. This looks and smells like a “hit scandal” to me.

  • opaobie

    …hmmm, the Dems and the media have no problem with an administration and numerous Democrat caucuses in the House and Senate filled with tax cheats, thugs, communists, anarchists, crooks, a President and an Attorney General with close ties to Bill Ayers and to the New Black Panthers and FALN terrorists and Islamic terrorist groups yet the focus is on the alleged conduct of a former FBI undercover agent. Priorities, you know.

  • barryaz

    Checkered past my a$$, he had to “prove” himself as an undercover officer and had to be monitored by numerous supervisors. This is just another attack from the left at a real American who has put his life on the line for other Americans. I wonder if some of the current progressives are worried he may use his investigative skills to find some dirt on them, which probably won’t be too difficult as most of them are such crooks. Can you hear me Charlie?

  • HardRightTurn

    Michael Grimm was an FBI agent at the time (1999). He was in character as a member of the mob in an undercover role. What better way to build your credibility than to act like a mobster?

    • mtiki

      The article did not say that he was in an undercover role when he threatened the husband of his date. The FBI would have had no need to investigate the incident if he was undercover.

  • ojfl

    Wow, people are going after the freshman class with a vengeance. As the article is not online yet we cannot see the full extent of the accusations but they had better have a lot of evidence of malfeasance otherwise this will not sit well with people.