Source: Ron Paul to announce presidential exploratory committee tomorrow

Sources close to Rep. Ron Paul tell The Daily Caller that the Texas Republican will announce an exploratory committee for president tomorrow afternoon during an appearance in Des Moines, Iowa.

Questions about a Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign have been swirling for months after the congressman said last December he wouldn’t rule out running again. As a candidate in 2008, Paul experienced massive success in terms of fundraising and establishing a solid, enthusiastic support base.

Back in March, Paul told The Daily Caller in an interview that another presidential campaign would largely depend on whether the country was “receptive to my ideas.”

“Now my biggest concerns have to do with the value of the dollar and expanding foolishness of our foreign policy…that would have an influence on what I decide to do,” said Paul at the time.

If Paul announces his candidacy for president, he will join another libertarian-leaning Republican in the current primary field, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

  • speppers69

    Ron Paul should run…on the Libertarian ticket…NOT the Republican ticket.

    Ron Paul is a doofus and he’s NEVER going to get even the Republican base to take him seriously. The Republican base is VERY pro-military and Paul is definitely NOT pro-military. He believes the military should be VERY small and for absolute defense only. He might get some traction with the younger Tea Party members…but he won’t get very far with the Republican base. Sorry…but it’s true. He is smart on the Constitution but has ZERO appeal to mainstream Republicans…let alone the Democraps and Indies he would need to win a general election. He has a lot of young supporters and won all the text to vote and internet polls in 2008 because of that. I agree with SOME things Paul says…but on other things he is WAAAAAY too far out there. I will not be voting for him.

  • kaptainken

    Representative Ron Paul believes that the government that governs least governs best and that no government at all would be the best of all worlds. He lives in a “cloud-coo-coo land.”

  • PAFreedom

    This is wonderful news for liberty.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate to faithfully follow his oath of office of defending the Constitution, and defending our liberties, returning us to a sound monetary policy, and finally reining in our costly and unconstitutional military empire.

  • vegtech

    Great interveiw by Hannity. I like R Paul. He has always been consistant and a profound statesman. I tried/voted Rep. many elections but even the new Rep. (Rubio’s) are profound RINO’s. I doubt you would find R Paul setting with Susan Collins. Maybe it is time for a push to the Libertairian Party. We must do something and it certainly not a Rep and Dem party for me!

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