Teenage boy called out for wearing high heels to school

Students often face disciplinary action for being scantily clad in class.

But one male Bay Area student was sent to the principal’s office for showing up to Riverview High School in high heels, reports My Fox Tampa Bay.

“He likes the way they make him feel. They make him feel more confident, and he just likes to wear them,” said Hayley Stepp, who said she’s a friend of the unidentified male student.

A teacher notified the school principal and said that the boy’s high heels were distracting to the classroom. Principal Bob Heilmann reports there was name calling, so he instructed the young man to remove the shoes.

“As a principal of a high school, I have to take the paternal side as well, I have to make sure he’s going to be okay,” Heilmann told Fox, adding he was worried the student would be subjected to bullying. “Anytime anyone goes out from, quote, ‘the norm,’ or anytime anyone wants to make a statement, you have to be willing to take what comes with it.”

Fox spoke with lots of Riverview High School students, many of whom said they viewed the environment there as open and accepting.

“I think it wasn’t really that big of a deal. If he wants to do it, then he can do it,” said sophomore Sarah Strawn.

But not all classmates were supportive of the unnamed teenager’s choice.

“I don’t think guys should wear heels. Personally, that’s my opinion,” said junior Kjai Betts.

Some students organized a small protest to recognize what had happened to the guy in heels.

“One boy wore a dress on Monday and after we chatted about it, he decided not to,” Heilmann said, adding that the student caved and changed his clothes. “I was concerned about his safety.”

The guy who sported heels was not punished for his actions.

[WATCH: How Riverview High School handled a male student who wore female footwear]

Boy in high heels removed from class: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

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  • tinteardrop

    You have to learn somewhere what the reactions of others will be.

  • robjh1

    Punish the bully not the student. Duh?????

  • clw

    Two words. School uniforms.

    Everyone is there to learn. It’s not a fashion show. Wear sweats, wear scrubs, wear jeans, sneakers and a school logo shirt, but make them all the same.

  • thephranc

    What would the religion of peace do to this kid? We should do the opposite.

  • lukuj

    There are some people who will do anything to get attention, even if it is negative attention. This boy is one of them. I wish the media wouldn’t give him more attention than he already got at his school.

  • locomotivebreath1901

    “What once was a neurosis, is now tolerated. What once was tolerated, is now given legal sanction. What once was given legal sanction, is now applauded.”

    Woe to us. The harvest will truly be bitter.

    • lukuj

      Quite an astute observation, and a scary one.

  • GeniousIQ

    This shouldn’t even be up to the highschool. The kids parents need to slap some sense into him. Highschool is not the place for religious/political/sexual statements. Go there to learn, period. If you want to dress up like a girl on your own time, more power to you.

  • raveman7

    Seriously.. This kid needs some counseling and a good male role model.

    • BigDogDaddy

      I have a feeling it is too late for that male role model now to do any good.

    • thadius357

      Male role model in the Bay area??? That’s a tall order.