‘Harry Potter’ actor Daniel Radcliffe feared an eighth installment of J.K. Rowling tale

After nearly a decade, the “Harry Potter” film saga will come to an end this summer, but the movie’s main actor, Daniel Radcliffe cringed at the prospect of author J.K. Rowling penning an eighth installment for the series.

“I could definitely write an eighth, a ninth book,” Rowling told Oprah last year. “I think I am done, but you never know.”

As reported by Celebuzz, these comments didn’t sit well with Radcliffe, who panicked he’d have to do another flick.

“I was worried! I texted [Rowling]. I said, ‘Look, is this true? Are you writing another book?!'” Radcliffe told Celebuzz.

To Radcliffe’s relief, Rowling wrote back hours later and vowed not to continue the “Harry Potter” series.

“She wrote back that she was so pleased with my performance in ‘Harry Potter 7: Part 1′ that as a reward, she promised to never write another book about Harry,” Radcliffe said.

Radcliffe has had other projects on his mind. The British actor is currently starring in the Broadway musical comedy, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

“I’ve been so busy with ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ that I haven’t been thinking about Harry. In a few months, I’ll have to flip the switch and get back into Potter mode for a few days, but right now there isn’t time to be nostalgic about it,” Radcliffe said.

  • MrBigW

    who’s harry potter????


  • Satchmo

    Who cares?

  • gatortarian

    Please do not a write another book in the series that took me from a nobody to a wealthy and famous actor. What an ungrateful brat.

    • tdpwells

      Excuse you, but he is not a brat. He has always been nothing but grateful for the Potter series. He has said so time and time again, but good God, you can’t blame the guy for wanting to move onto other things. He can’t still be playing Potter when he’s 40.

      As someone who has met him on more than one occasion, he’s a helluva lot more gracious and grateful and down to earth than the majority of American spoiled celebs.

      • gatortarian

        “He can’t still be playing Potter when he’s 40.”

        Why? There are actors that play the same gig for decades on TV. It’s known as regular work and most people prefer it over not working at all. I’ve never met him, but he actually called an author to convince her not to write a book that millions of people would love to read just so he doesn’t have to play the multi-million dollar lead in the movie.

        • tdpwells

          First off, this is an old story that the DC has taken completely out of context. He talked about this ages ago, as did JK.

          God forbid the guy want to move on from something he’s been doing since he was ten years old. You ever switched jobs before?

          Dan’s a good kid, and anyone who has read more than one interview of his knows how grateful he is for the Potter series.

          • http://twitter.com/CommieJuice CommieJuice

            Glad he has you as a publicist to explain what he really meant. Cheers!