Former Miss USA: TSA agent ‘touched my vagina’

Susie Castillo was crowned Miss USA (not Miss America) back in 2003. She recently made a trip to Rio and on her return trip through Dallas was given a pat-down that she found both intrusive and upsetting. This is video of her describing what happened just a few minutes after the pat-down by a female TSA agent:

Full story: Former Miss USA: TSA agent ‘touched my vagina’

  • Lostwages

    The question we face here is again, “what is the cost of freedom?” Do we wish to face the possibility of being hurt or killed by a terrorist or do we wish to lose our freedom and allow these kind of “safeties” to exist? It has become obvious to me that people must prefer the “safeties”, otherwise they would have spoken out loud enough to do something about it. I prefer to keep my freedoms and chance the cost, as I do with my right to bear arms. Someone with the right to bear arms may shoot me someday, but that is a better out come than living without my freedoms! Most people still don’t get it, It’s FREEDOM! NOT FREEDUMB! All freedoms have a cost, pay the price or live under thumb with the illusion of safety! It’s our choice, but the time to make that choice is ticking away very fast!

  • riseabove

    The more we give up our freedoms, the more the terrorists win.

  • mdiavaro99ro

    Maybe it’s about time to see some “leading by example” n’est-ce pas?. I wanna see the (ex)”leaders” and their families subject to the same sort of screening and pat-downs. 😀

    Oh! I know it would be kind of traumatizing for the TSA agents but I would love to see Mrs. Napoleontano together with Bush&Co, Obama&Co, other local MF “el comandante supremo” etc. getting such “normal&banal” security pat-downs too:D.

    • mdiavaro99ro

      PS1: To Obama&Co. So you are concerned with kids and other ppl being bullied and traumatized… Whose kids and what ppl exactly?
      PS2: To Bush&Co. What did you say?! You wanted to defend “our way of life”… Whose way exactly?!

      I know… It’s all so banal and normal… For the greater good that goes beyond meaningless and pitiful individuals… LOL

  • Brutus2

    Sounds like her brain was violated by the public education system long ago.

  • tinteardrop

    Pictures?? Video???

    • patrick

      I think I missed my calling.

  • GeniousIQ


    • glassmaker

      I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, but if your daughter had some stranger literally stick their fingers up against her vagina and then again in the front of her panties, would you tell her “waaaa”? If you did, you deserve to be beaten within an inch of your life.

      • GeniousIQ

        Yea, I’m sure that’s what happened. And if you believe that, you’re an idiot. This is a person looking for attention. Anyone that is violated like that, the first move is not to begin filming yourself on a cell phone in front of the security gates.

        • 8second.ride

          Looking for attention. She’s a very successful model and spokesperson. Why would she need this kind of attention?

          Also, why not film at the time of the incident? If she would have waited until the next day, or two days later, you would be the first one to say “what took her so long”, “She had to have time to make up a story.”

          You seem like a real a&&hole. This is a nice young woman who felt violated. Who the hell are you to say it didn’t happen and how she should feel?

          I flew out of Dallas/Fort Worth in January. The woman ahead of me in the patdown line was visibly shaking, crying and pleaded with the TSA agent to be careful of her colostomy bag because she was on her way home from LA after having surgery. The TSA agent was just like you, rude and uncaring. The more the poor woman would pleaded with them, the rougher they would get. They even called in a supervisor for further harassment.

          I’m sure you think it didn’t happen. I’m betting it did.

          • Drahcir

            IQ’s just upset decouse he didn’t get it instead.


        • Transmogrifier

          You seem like a thoroughly odious human being.

      • thephranc

        IQ is a military man with a phd in chemistry that fails often at both chemistry and the scientific method. IQ has zero credibility and a bad habit of lying.