Navy fires third C.O. — this week!

The Navy is on a tear: it has just relieved its third commanding officer this week. That makes 10 so far this year, putting it well ahead of 2010, when 17 were canned over the entire year. The latest man overboard (the ninth, in fact, was a woman, relieved last Saturday) is Commander Jay Wylie, captain of the destroyer USS Momsen, based in Everett, Wash. His superior said Thursday that Wylie was relieved of command “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command stemming from allegations of misconduct.” He is the fourth in command of a ship to be booted.

Adm. John Harvey, head of U.S. Forces Command, wrote on his blog about the spate of firings. “Most of the Commanding Officers (COs) detached for cause on my watch were for personal misconduct,” he wrote Tuesday. “In every case, each Commanding Officer, whether through personal misconduct, negligence, or exceptionally poor judgment, lost the trust of their subordinates or their superiors and without that fundamental building block in place — trust — they no longer had the ability to command.” The firing frenzy has naval blogs buzzing — are they happening because the Navy is getting tougher, people are getting weaker, or some combination of both?

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  • savage24

    We would be speaking Japanese today if this is what was used to fight the sea battles during WWII. Next thingthe Navy will be selling Girl Scout Cookies.

  • inspectorudy

    I’m sorry mojo but it’s the good ole girls club. If this link below doesn’t make you sick then nothing will. Can you imagine a carrier group being commanded by this office weenie!
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  • junkmaninohio

    My skipper was fired for allowing our ship (Destroyer) to be hit by an Aircraft Carrier while manuvering from the Deleware River into the Atlantic. I think they shot him and ate him. No political correctness here.

  • borntoraisehogs

    The finest Navy and sailors the world has ever seen, continue to be the branch most affected by political influence to be a laboratory for social experiments in correctness, resulting in the scapegoating of heroes.

  • HiTekRescu3

    I don’t believe in coincindences. There is an agenda in the works that has a bad smell to it. Many of these fired COs had very healthy records prior to their firings. Has anyone seen the latest regarding the marine’s new training doctrine, now in effect regarding homosexuals in their organizations? And for those that don’t want it are invited to leave the service. After all, “Orders are orders” is the doctrine of the day!