Obama’s Alternate Immigration Universe

Let’s Pretend! Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria and other  “stakeholdersinfluential Hispanics” were at the White House yesterday “in another behind-the-scenes effort to enlist support and build momentum” for President Obama’s “vision of immigration reform,” according to Jake Tapper.  Unless Obama knows something I don’t know about Republicans in Congress, these meetings have a near-pathological air of unreality about them, as if they were taking place in an alternative universe in which the 2010 election didn’t happen. [What do you want him to do, give up?–ed Be the guy who brings a bracing dose of reality. Tell them if they want amnesty, as he does, they’ll have to switch strategies and have a period of enforcement first. What if “influential Hispanics” don’t want enforcement?-ed  Tell them this attitude is “not an option if America is to win the future.” ] …

P.S.: As it is, Obama’s annoying Hispanics by using them as props in a “let’s pretend” game that continues deportations but will not produce amnesty, while his righteous, heavily euphemized support for that amnesty (“comprehensive immigration reform that both strengthens security at our borders while restoring accountability to the broken immigration system”) infuriates voters on the right. He’s found the “sour spot”!

  • Luke Lea

    “comprehensive immigration reform,” since it is un-passable, is just another phrase for “continue the status quo”. An immigration pause or time out while we sort out the issues makes a lot more sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Witkin/100001654702062 fb100001654702062

    So the Admin. gets rid of DADT and doesn’t defend DOMA while it’s still conducting immigration raids, pot clinic raids, drone strikes in Yemen, etc? Good thing Mark Leno’s mandatory LGBT curriculum is right around the corner in California. Then the anchor babies can learn about the contrributions of James Hormel- give beaucoups inherited $$ to the Democrtatic party. Hope Rosario and Eva brought their checkbooks!!

  • gringott

    Let’s all move to mexico and start over, leave the mexicans here. We can use the immigration laws in mexico to keep them from coming back. They will have to go to canada to destroy it.

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  • ak4mc

    Obama’s weakness among Latinos is actually worrisome for a Republican-leaning voter who thinks the rule of law should apply to everyone who enters this country, and that that means people who violate our laws to get here should be punished.

    I can just see the 2012 Republican nominee trying hamfistedly to take those Latino votes away from Obama by pushing amnesty, and losing votes from the base even while Latino voters ignore the appeal for the cynical pandering it represents. Do you think any of the 2008 also-rans wouldn’t try it if they got the nom this time around?

  • Luke Lea

    Immigration is bad for the sending countries. We strip third world countries of their scarce human capital, their brightest and most ambitious members, leaving the rest behind. It is positively parasitic is what it is. Stop immigration now.

    • rvail136

      Most people in this country support immigration. What they don’t support is illegal immigration where people break the law to enter the country. These people use services (think emergency rooms) and then don’t pay for them…nor do they pay taxes.

      But, instead of just securing the border, we need to rigourously pursue those employers who HIRE illegal workers. Stiff fines on the first offense, loss of business license on the second, and jail on the third. If there are no jobs, these people will leave on their own accord.

  • Apolitical Blues

    Why don’t we just adopt Mexico’s immigration policy?

    • rvail136

      That’s an excellent idea. If we use “mirror” laws…and enforce them, then those country’s governments can’t complain.

      • jdkchem

        Our immigration policy is far less draconian than Mexico’s and yet they still manage to complain. What do you think they will do if we adopt the same policy?

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  • rhhardin

    “comprehensive immigration reform that both strengthens security at our borders while restoring accountability to the broken immigration system”

    The both..while construction doesn’t turn up much, probably because it doesn’t make sense.