Can Latino activists handle the truth?

Why I Love Orgies of Recrimination, Part XVIII: Ruben Navarette, Jr. may have discovered some heretofore unpublicized weaknesses in the Great Comprehensive Immigration Coaliton. Or maybe he’s just been liberated by its failure to talk about them in public:

And do you know who else doesn’t want immigration reform? At least three elements of Obama’s liberal base: labor unions who live under the fantasy that illegal immigrants who tar roofs, pick peaches, build homes, clean horse stalls, and do other hard and dirty jobs are stealing gigs from Teamsters; African-Americans — who after generations of blaming whites for their misfortune, mistakes, and misdirection — have now taken to blaming Latinos for taking jobs; and classic liberals who only care that the Democratic Party keeps winning elections so it can fry the big fish (universal health care, redistribution of wealth, turning U.S. foreign policy into a war-free zone, and giving peace a chance, etc.) and who worry that immigration reform will cost Democrats the support of white voters.

I hope he’s right. … I don’t understand, though, why the reaction of Latino immigration activists to this bracing slap of reality isn’t to say,  ‘We’re just  not going to win this the way it’s going. We have to switch strategies.‘ Maybe in part because theirs isn’t a coalition built around a proposal for reform so much as around ethnic pride? If you’re lobbying for a law, it’s easy to retreat and regroup. Plan A didn’t work? Try B. If it’s a question of pride, retreating means accepting something you consider disrespectful. Just a theory. … P.S.: Navarette also says

Obama never wanted immigration reform to begin with. He only uses the issue like a carrot dangled in front of a burro pulling a plow.

Mr. President, they’re catching on! Time to a) recognize that your political strategy for winning Latino votes has hit a dead end; or b) organize another White House conference! .. [via Instapundit]

Update: Gran Marcha Desgano “May Day March: 10,000 Expected Downtown to March for Immigration Reform.”  Nope.

Only a few thousand people showed up for the nine-block march that started early and ended quickly. Los Angeles police declined to issue a crowd estimate, but marchers didn’t even fill the intersection of Broadway and 1st Street, where the demonstration ended.

Overexcited local station KABC actually said “an estimated 50,000 people are expected to march,” but then apparently removed the embarrassing prediction when the demo turned out to be a bust. …

  • Cellar Dweller

    Is the real problem finding a way to legally admit lots of Mexicans, and maybe a few Central Americans, without giving equal access to immigrants from other parts of the world? I don’t think many now illegally in the US or their countrymen hoping to join them want Indonesians, Nigerians and Chinese finding it as easy to enter this country as border jumpers from the south now do. It would bring too much competition for low wage jobs.

  • mhjhnsn

    Any African-American who cares to spend a minute or two could come up with a similar analysis of what they have achieved by letting the Democrats take them for granted: a welfare-dependent underclass that perpetuates itself from generation to generation, while the capable, successful ones wonder if their success is earned or just due to affirmative action—-where, in reality, most of them would do quite well on their own.

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  • whatthedickens

    It was then Senator Obama who provided the crucial vote in 2007 supporting Byron Dorgan’s “poison pill” amendment to the comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty bill. This amendment, putting a five-year limit on guest workers, was supported by organized labor but opposed by the bipartisan coalition of Senators who were pushing comprehensive immigration reform. It was this vote that unraveled what looked to be passage and Bush signing this unfortunate “reform” into law. Read the story here: http://www.creators.com/conservative/robert-novak/dorgan-s-poison-pill.html

    Navarette, it turns out, is correct with one addition: “Obama never wanted immigration reform to begin with” when he found it conflicted with the labor support he needed for the Dem nomination in 2008. Ambition won out. Fancy that. Obama chose to make Mickey’s dream come true, and produced the “historic” victory of Obamacare, pretty much shooting his wad, comprehensively speaking.

    Comprehensive immigration reform aka amnesty has been done: a Republican was responsible for that bit of history in 1986. It almost happened a second time, another Republican President (much to my chagrin and that of most conservatives in the party) taking the lead on pushing for it; but the bipartisan coalition fell apart by an “historic” one-vote margin provided by a man who normally voted “present.”

    Look at it this way: The Left needs Hispanics to forever be victims. They need all the groups in their base to remain victims. I don’t agree that Hispanics or gays or blacks are victims, but the Left thinks they are and treats them accordingly; and the members of those groups who think of themselves that way will continue to vote for their victimhood. Or perhaps some of them will examine anew their political philosophy.