Sarah Palin turns heads at Tammy Haddad’s brunch

Make no mistake about it: The big star at Tammy Haddad’s eighteenth annual garden brunch was not, say, Chace Crawford, Morgan Fairchild or Shaun White. The biggest head-turner was Sarah Palin, who attended the party with Fox News’ s Greta Van Susteren. Palin was also accompanied by her husband, Todd, and daughter Bristol.

We had to ask: Why was the former Alaska governor, who has knocked the Georgetown cocktail party crowd in the past, at the brunch?

“The nice thing about this is we’re doing this for a cause, for special needs, which, of course, is near and dear to my heart,” Palin told POLITICO. “A nice social event combined with helping to raise awareness and funds for special needs. We’re honored to be here.”

Full story: Sarah Palin turns heads at Tammy Haddad’s brunch

  • DANO509

    It’s like Sarah puts all the libs in can, shakes them up and spills them on the floor and they just go nuts …..

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  • notalone

    Typical Sarah – blast the left when they do something and then when she does the exact same thing she justifies it. Sound familiar? Rather crazy.

    • glassmaker

      She was attending a fund-raiser for special needs children, you hate-blinded fool!

    • jjsmithers

      notalone, that is one moronic comment.

      When did Palin ever “blast” the left for having a fundraiser for a charity ? And there is nothing in the article that has anything to do with your simpleminded attack.

      Get lost.

  • virginiagentleman

    “She’s turning heads”. And why not? She’s articulating her positions, she’s uncowed and unbowed by the extreme attacks against her, she has no problem what so ever walking into the lions den,(Madison) facing her detracters, she’s concrete in her beliefs, and stays on message. Did any other republican have any where near the spine to march into the hate spewers in Madison? NO! This DYNAMO of a woman faced her detracters head on. Did Obama, Romney or any of the others? No and hell no! She has been the most vetted, most reviled possible presidental contender I’ve ever seen. Was Obama as well vetted? NO! The FEAR this woman strikes into both Democrats and Republicans is remarkable in the extreme. Many limp dicked detracters and haters will continue to attack her with vitrol and lies. But she still stands! Will she or won’t she run? Hell, I don’t know. But I find it very interesting that most of the spineless republican contenders are waiting on her. Love her or hate her, it doesn’t seem to bother her one way or the other. The only thing I’m sure of, It’s going to be one exciting election cycle, something we can sink our teeth into, regardless of what side you are on! Let it begin!

    • truebearing

      I’ve never been so proud of a politician as I was when watching Sarah Palin face down the ugly, deranged, mutant leftists and union fools in Madison. They were making a tremendous din with every noise making device known to man, and screaming obscene, vile, hate-filled comments as loud as they could, but to no avail. Palin just kept a-wailin’!

      The cold, blasting wind and snow couldn’t stop her and neither could the losers trying to drown her out. It was an ugly scene, but Palin stood there and spoke to the completly surrounded Tea Party. When the mutants got louder, so did she. It was an unpleasant event, yet a great experience. It was an exercise in the courage to be free. When it was done, the left lost and Palin won. She came into their “hood” and spoke the truth despite the insane attempts to stop her.

      You’re absolutely right about Palin’s proven courage. I doubt that any of the other candidates would have gone into that 1eftist looney bin.

      • virginiagentleman

        We agree, friend T.B., we agree!

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  • John

    I just love that Sarah Palin.

    It’s to bad all the haters are so closed minded.