Crucified man found in quarry in loin cloth, thorn crown

A man’s body was discovered nailed to a wooden cross in an empty South Korea stone pit, supposedly next to a mirror so he could see himself suffer, according to a New York Daily News report.

Donning a loin cloth and crown of thorns, the man had a stab wound on his side and his feet and hands nailed to the cross, resembling the image of Jesus Christ in the bible’s description of his death. There were two smaller crosses on either side of the man.

Police found a hammer, nails, mirror, an electric drill, more pieces of wood, and a “how-to” guide for constructing crosses. The man’s SUV was also discovered near the stone quarry. Cops are unsure if this was a suicide or homicide, but neighbors claimed the man had intense religious beliefs.

  • karwintc

    Think outside the lines. If you cant figure out how he nailed the last nail in his hand. It is as easy as this: hammer a nail in the cross, drill a hole in your hand, nail your feet, nail your other hand, insert the nail in the hole of your hand and waaaalllaaa! It can be done.

  • gatortarian

    Looks like we missed that second coming thing.

  • mojo

    Well, to mis-quote the Gunny, “He sure didn’t miracle his ass up there.”

    • zelda

      It’s not easy hammering in that last nail.