Why Obama’s poll bounce won’t last

Growing up, there were a few shows that I watched every week whose one-liners remain in my regular lexicon 20 years later. One of those shows was “Cheers.”

On one episode of “Cheers,” Norm Peterson discovered that the bar’s management was changing. He reacted by asking, “Will it raise the price of beer?”

At the end of the day, all Norm really cared about was how his pocketbook would be affected.

We are all just like Norm. When it comes to management changes and policies going on in D.C., all we really care about is the bottom line.

Obama is enjoying a bit of a bump right now in the polls thanks to the death of Osama bin Laden. His team is busy releasing images and speeches that paint Obama as a strong commander in chief, in hopes of grabbing back some of that all-important independent support.

Ultimately, it won’t matter.

People will realize that we are still at war. They will notice that the gas they put in their tanks has not magically gone down in price. They will see that the markets have not jumped up, but unemployment has.

Obama better enjoy the jump he has gotten (notably from acting more conservative), because it won’t last for long. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to know if it will raise the price of beer — or lower the price of gas.

It won’t.

We are a nation of short attention spans. Is anyone still paying attention to the events in Libya? What is the latest in Egypt? Do you know what’s going on in Iraq?

I didn’t think so.

But there are some things that people are constantly being reminded of: that gas and food prices keep rising and that their paychecks aren’t getting any bigger (if they have paychecks at all).

Unless the president and his branding team figure out a way to have a video of Obama announcing that bin Laden is dead on gas pump televisions for the next 18 months or put the picture of Obama watching the video of the raid on cereal boxes, this is not going to make a big difference in 2012.

At the end of the day, we all just want to know: Will it raise the price of beer?

Anna Good is a talk radio producer and personality who is currently producing the Mike Slater Show on 760 KFMB in San Diego. She has produced for other known hosts including the nationally-syndicated Roger Hedgecock Show and has also been seen on ABC World News.

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    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”


    Of course it will not last…actually it will be less and less as time goes by…americans are smart and sooner than expected, this illusory phase where most are right now will come to end.

    And Obama said;…(paraphrasing)…”under my direction / instructions….special forces….killed Bin Laden…etc,etc,etc”

    So now Obama is the hero of the hour,…is that the purpose?…just walk with me;


    Well, everyone seems to be falling for another trick.

    And Obama ended his speech with solemnic words;…”one nation under God, with liberty,…and justice for all”…oh my!, oh my!…he really sounded patriotc , right?

    Can anyone out there seriously is buying this?…listen people, Obama and his band is moving the masses with the euphoria they are so in need to experience, got that?

    What follows is all over the entire NET, many sites, many places, many blogs;
    An spectacular event!….is it?


    Obama’s glory,Obama’s triumph,…and so Bin Laden is dead…hold that thought;

    Walk with me;

    Bin Laden is suposely identified, killed,and then(very quickly)burried in the sea(viking style?)..was he a hero?…to who?

    First, as result – no body/ no corpse…it is said that that would prevent a shrine to the man(Osama)…how convenient!….however this man is already an icon /idol/symbol for the islamic-muslim jihaddist assassins terrorists all over the world….is he not?

    Second, the death of Bin Ladin had been something very well wanted and expected to all americans and the rest of the free world,….correct so far?…and so giving this kind of news/info to the americans and everyone else, that alone contitutes a factor of almost veneration for to whoever made this to happen.

    So the timing – of this ‘event’ – is so convenient for one, who are in a very bad shape to the majority of the american public and the rest of the free world…and who is this one?…Barack Obama, the one occupying the presidential platform in the United States Of America.

    Last week he(Obama)presented,the controversial birth certificate (and that was supose to end there,…)but Mr Obama needed another…huu!…let’s say…. back-up push to looks good (or better) among the audiences…and so here comes the capture-killing of Osama Bin Laden.

    One presentation right behind the other…reason?…simple and so obvious, to ensure and solidify a re-election for a secon term to continue the sabotage against our great country.HE IS LOW IN SO MANY LEVELS….is he not?

    Many out there, do not see this(not just yet), and therefor something like this will be said to be as conspiracy theory.But the reality is that we do not need conspiracy theories, we are living it…THE OBAMA EXPERIMENT/THE OBAMA REGIME..brougth into power through DECEPTION, FALLACIES, FALSIFICATION, FRAUD.

    All this is very well crafted…TEAM-OBAMA is using all the angles thay can to engulf, once more, the american public…for now he belives he is to be seen as a bonafide and legalized american born individual, and a war-hero/defender of the country, for he is said to continued and finalized the work of Pres Bush.

    Two events, one right behind the other,…two hoaxes/fabrications – in less than two weeks – presented to the american public (and the world),…and some people out there is swallowing it.

    Bottom line; Bin Laden possibly was dead for quite some time, ….and the fact was kept to be presented – on this special way – when the convenient time would arrive,…and the time arrived…this is hope to boost-up the Obama low acceptance among americans and amog the rest of the world….HE IS REALLY GOING DOWN IN SO MANY WAYS…is he not?

    But let’s say Bin Laden last demise was,…uhh…at it is said….boys and girls …this is a cheap political shot at the american intelligence, once more,… and we americans are smarter than that, aren’t we?

    One last thing;… why not to give credit (the benefit of the doubt) to Obama for this….uhh… spectacular event?…after all, he claims that (as he started the press conference)….”under my direction a group fo special forces…identified , seized…and killed Bin Laden”…etc,etc,etc,…so why not credit to this man?…simple, THE OBAMA BAND feeds largely on ‘the benefit of the doubt’ standpoint…they are master of deception, falsification, and fraud….are they not?

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera