Iowa politicos expect Michele Bachmann presidential announcement during May visit

Iowa politicos tell The Daily Caller they expect Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann to announce her campaign for the White House at a Polk County GOP fundraiser the Tea Party star is headlining in Des Moines on May 26.

“My sense is she’s going to run,” Dave Funk, co-chair of the Polk County GOP in Iowa, told TheDC. Funk is organizing the fundraiser that will host Bachmann, and confirmed to TheDC that the congresswoman will be in Iowa for five days after the event.

Craig Robinson of the IowaRepublican told TheDC that he also has been hearing talk of an official announcement at the fundraiser. “People that are close to her would like to see her make a more formal step,” Robinson said.

In recent months, Bachmann has met with Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad at least twice. She has also made Iowa appearances on several occasions and even has two Iowans lined up to spearhead a campaign.

One of them — state Sen. Kent Sorenson — will likely be political director in Iowa for the Bachmann campaign. “I am encouraging her to [run],” Sorenson told TheDC. He went on to say that he has recommended to the congresswoman that she announce at the May 26 fundraiser.

Wes Enos, Mike Huckabee’s Iowa director in 2008, has also signed on to work for Bachmann’s political action committee.

“There’s no commitment,” said Sorenson, “but I haven’t gotten refusals either.” He also pointed out that Bachmann has already made it clear she will make an announcement by June. “And May 26 is only week away,” he said.

But rumors of an announcement have swirled before. In March, observers speculated that Bachmann would make an announcement prior to the first debate in Greenville, S.C. That, of course, never happened.

Though she still currently comes in below five percent in most national polls, Bachmann is a Tea Party figure whose particular brand of populism has attracted a respectable following.

“Discussions are happening,” Sorenson told TheDC. “And I believe it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.”

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  • Gridmark

    Today I was watching CNBC and it is really laughable. You had C. Fred Bergsten, Peter Institute for Int’l economics and he was praising a lower dollar so that we can trade and export. And that he is hoping or predicting that China will consume more and that we do the opposite and that we will sell to the rest of the world, and he put down housing as a place where our growth is not at and praised manufacturing. And another guest, Jay Timmons, Pres and CEO of NAM (National Assoc. of Manufacturers) and he said we need to cut more in corporate tax rates and cut regulation and reduce costs (which means cut wages and benefits). And mind you, we had the Bush tax cuts since 2001 and 2003 and we did not get the prosperity.

    Well here is the problem that I see. Where were these people for the past decade? We closed 57,000 factories, lost some 6 million jobs, targeted housing for growth and were told that we were going to be a service society. Now these people come out of the woodwork and say manufacturing is where the growth is at for our country. Really amazing, how they destroyed manufacturing and jobs and now this is the place to be. And they are pushing the low dollar so that we can export.

    The problem from where I sit is that I see closed factories in my town. So I don’t know how we export if the factories are closed. Also, I don’t know how you support small business if factories are closed. But this is all you get from economists and from our leaders.

    Now they say we are going to export to India and China if we keep our costs down. Well, why would anyone in India or China by from the USA when they can purchase cheaper products from China or India? And since China and other countries are producing the goods, again why the need for the USA? And everyone wants jobs. There are 2 billion people who want jobs. So, even if you get costs down, just what widgets can we make here and not some other place? Apple for the most part chose China to build products and not the USA. So, what I am saying is that it is not a given that a widget can be made here.

    So, it is really incredible, how these people keep spinning their economics and globalization in which they ignored for the past decade. They destroyed the middle class for cheap labor and now they praise our manufacturing after they destroyed that.

    • taz

      You make some very good points! I’m not sure if those jobs will ever come back to the US because of the bottom line. If its cheaper to make a produce somewhere else that is exactly whats going to happen. This may sound silly but I truly believe a part of the problem is the ridiculous cost of living in allot of areas in this country. The tax rates in the inner cities is ridiculous etc. One of the consequences of national prosperity is the cost of living increase. I’m not in favor of a service based economy for many reasons but one of my chief complaints is it encourages debt. The middle class must be more flexiable to the current labor market this has been a problem. As far as cutting taxes. My take is simple, why should anyone have to give the government more of there money when they have illustrated in the past decades they squander our money. I know best how to spend my money.

      • Gridmark

        It is perhaps true that maybe you can spend your money better than the government. However, government has a role, I believe. For some reason, government has not been given a proper role. The democrats have spent on cash for clunkers and while republicans give tax cuts to the mass, they tend to ignore the problems. And the globalists think they have answers whipsawing in what they think is better for everyone but in truth they know that they have to get the middle class wages down to what a cheap laborer gets. It is very disappointing, and it seems like that everyone is getting it wrong. From my vantage point, while people say that they can do better than the government, the private sector is failing the middle class also as they send jobs overseas. So, if there is no trust in government and the private sector is going for the money, it looks like the middle class is screwed.

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  • Science Rocks

    Hello my name is Michelle Bachmann and even though as a congresswoman, I have no executive experience, I would still like to run. My candidacy will likely split the conservative vote and give way for a moderate/liberal Republican to win the nomination.


    • J Baustian

      Michelle Bachmann has had more experience as a tax attorney, preparing her for the presidency, than Barack Obama had as a community organizer and part-time law professor.

      Having said that, Mitch Daniels has had far more experience, so he would be my top choice.

  • Mainstream America

    I love this site!!!

    — “Hey idiot!”

    — “You libs… pathetic… stupid…”

    — “2012 is just around the corner!”

    — Rude, unpatriotic names for our President. Snide, ill-informed insults.

    — Koch Industries talking points made in loud, professional wrestling style.

    It’s all such wonderful, cathartic hyperbole. It’s like watching 2girls1cup for the first time. Brava, everyone here, for creating an environment where any playground name calling or rumor spreading is allowed to flourish!

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