Herman Cain jumps to second among Republican candidates, according to Zogby poll

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain placed a surprising second in a Zogby poll of likely Republican primary voters released Tuesday.

The poll measured support for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who says he will not run, at 17 percent. Cain was preferred by 14 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul by 10 percent.

The results place Cain well ahead of many leading candidates, and come on the heels of a strong performance in Fox News’ May 5 primary debate in South Carolina. Cain was one of five participants.

Candidates widely considered frontrunners all received less than ten percent support.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was supported by 9 percent of respondents and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich by 7 percent.

Businessman Donald Trump, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels were all supported by four percent.

Zogby also asked respondents to select the candidates that they would never vote for.

Trump led the “never” field with 50 percent, followed by Gingrich at 36 percent, Palin at 36 percent, Huckabee at 34 percent, Paul at 32 percent, and Romney at 27 percent.

The poll was administered online, a different method than used in most scientific polls. There were 1,377 respondents and a calculated margin of error of +/- 2.7 percent.

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  • condera

    Herman Cain served as Chairman of the KC Federal Reserve for one year, 20 years ago!!! That being said, you aren’t going to find anyone who doesn’t have something that is going to be a negative to someone. I personally believe Herman Cain is the only man who can take Obama down in the general. The race card, used so adroitly in the last election, will be null and void in this one with Cain as the nominee. That would cause team Obama to have to actually find something that Obama has done to try to convince voters he has worked wonders for them and they need to vote for him once again. Herman Cain has my vote and my financial support.

    • Pancho3

      If all you are looking for is a black who can defeat the O why not Allen West for President.

      He is a lot more credible.

      Cain would not be even considered to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City if he was not a good old boy.

  • Pancho3

    Just what America another Bankster.

    Herman Cain, former Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, flippantly denies the need to Audit the Federal Reserve …

    Trust us we know what is best for you.

  • seasonedcitizen

    Boy would I love to see a debate between Caine and Obama. Even more, I’d like to hear the left wing media spin. If nothing else, Americans would find out that we are of little interest to washington right now, but when November 2012 comes, we’ll find out if it’s about individual freedom or collective bargaining.

  • J L Fuller

    I was absolutley flabbergasted last Thursday by Herman’s showing at the debate. I loved it. Herman can’t get the nomination but he sure out did everyone else. If Herman had had some political experience and a national reputation that might be different. He does not though. But he does make the A list for a cabinet spot. After that maybe the VP and presidency but the nation needs some history and Herman, bless his heart, has none. We have a guy in the WH now who had no history and look at what happened. I think the country wants more than a good talker even if he does send a shiver down your leg.

    • CK4RP

      I think Cain did a good job in the debate. He says all the right things and seems earnest, humble and sincere. The Federal Reserve issue is so important and critical that it is a deal breaker. And I really wish he would change his mind and repent and use his insider’s knowledge to expose and control the Federal Reserve for the sake of our contry. Maybe he will. He has to know that with Paul in the mix of candidates, the subject is bound to come up…

  • CK4RP

    Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Federal Reserve Board Deputy Chairman, and Federal Reserve Board member of the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City Herman Cain placed a surprising second in a Zogby poll of “likely” Republican primary voters released Tuesday. Cain has publicly stated that he does not support an audit of the Federal Reserve and is apparently gaining traction among economic fringers who support the existence, autonomy and secrecy of the Federal Reserve. The groundswell of extremist support continues to gain momentum against all odds and in spite of the Fed loaning billions of US taxpayer dollars to foreign banks, governments, and corporations under a shroud of secrecy. The foreign loans and bailouts were among some of the bits of information recently revealed after the Fed lost their Supreme Court case to keep their records out of the purview of the public. To the best of this author’s knowledge, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke has not yet endorsed Cain although he must be excited at the prospect of having a Fed insider as the GOP nominee. There are some voices insisting that mainstream media outlets rarely mention Cain’s longstanding history and association with the Fed and usually refer to him as the “former Godfather’s Pizza CEO” in a bid to keep the “tea party” faction excited about a Cain candidacy. Cain may find himself with a lot of explaining to do in future Republican debates if the competition calls him out on the issue of the Fed. Should be very interesting…

    • 8second.ride

      Paulbot alert.

      • CK4RP

        Very alert and no fan of the Fed, thank you! The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is an excellent source of information on the topic for those interested in the learning about the private banking cartel which is systematically destroying America’s wealth and currency.

        • glassmaker

          If Ron Paul and his followers would try to win an election on his merits instead of spamming the internet with false accusations about other candidates and wild innuendos, Paul would be respected a lot more.