White House calls rapper Common ‘socially conscious,’ opposes cop killing lyrics

The White House is standing behind its decision to welcome rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., AKA “Common,” to Washington, D.C. Wednesday night amidst controversy over the hip hop artist’s lyrics which include support for violence against cops and former President George W. Bush.

“Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button,” declared Common in a poem entitled “A Letter to the Law,” criticizing the former president for “killing over oil and grease” and “no weapons of destruction.”

“Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton,” he says in the same poem. “I walk like a warrior, from them I won’t run.”

“The president opposes those kinds of lyrics,” said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary during Wednesday’s daily briefing.

Despite that opposition, Carney indicated that Common would still be welcome at “An Evening of Poetry at the White House” tonight.

“It’s ironic to pick out those particular lyrics about this particular artist when in fact he’s known as a socially conscious hip hop artist or rapper who, in fact, has done a lot of good things,” offered Carney. “You can oppose some of what he’s done and appreciate some of the other things he’s done.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Devereaux/1317155160 Grant Devereaux

    FOX News apparently agreed with the White House when they praised this rapper for being socially conscious and responsible – a role model – in October of 2010. http://mediamatters.org/blog/201105100018.

    • glassmaker

      Well, well, another huffpoo regular. That link is to an entertainment interview. Yea, that’s really “Fox News praising him”. How ridiculous! Desperate much?

    • Cliff Dweller

      If only some of these folks knew how stupid their pictures looked.

      Posting something, ANYTHING from mediamatters is an immediate fail.

      That said, I wonder what exactly your point is , idiot. Is it that you condone both of these events or just the one you posted from mediamatters?

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  • ladylove

    too bad this story is already irrelavent, as this man Common, was dropped, at the last minute, but dropped from the program.

    seems, WE THE PEOPLE, have made our opinions known.

    and I bet both Mr. and Mrs. Obama, are not happy with us for doing so.

  • dallas yankee

    I have but one question, Would Michelle let him date her daughter?

    • torispelling

      Only if he promises not to punish her with a baby!

  • erick1740

    Poor peewee Carney, is such a noob. Obama invites another low life and he shoves the little weenie out to take the fire. Guess thats the job, despicable.

  • taz

    This is not news the fact that this is making headlines is beyond me. We have far more serious issues to discuss than “Common.” But this is what the media focus is on right now, are you kidding me!

    • callipygian1

      Beg to differ, Taz… It’s behavior and thinking like this that many of the other problems emanate from. It seems to many clear thinking individuals that Obama and his minions celebrate the worst of society, and totally ignore and fail to celebrate the people of color that have made substantive contributions to America.

  • Joe Astroturf

    I bet he shows Bin Ladens Photo’s to “Common” to get some street cred. Michelle thinks he’s so cool. He may hate America more than her.

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Britain will have company as they ration mammograms and cortisone
    The U.S. is now joining them so they won’t be alone
    Bill Ayers his hero and Jarrets slum lord bets
    Mine our Gerald Walpin , Private Long and the Swift Boat vets
    I know him and his czars think this songs not balanced and fare
    We just want nothing to do with that trainwreck Obamacare

  • John Svengali

    I believe they call this DOUBLE-TALK!

  • verityquest

    Well that settles it for me. If Jay Carney tells me it’s good stuff, then By God it must be. If Jay tells me I should abdicate MY PERSONAL OPINION, then maybe I should. I mean, in this era of social harmony and civility, of course.

    Can we lower the standard of the White House further? Please? Oh, wait…we already do.

  • riseabove

    “You can oppose some of what he’s done and appreciate some of the other things he’s done.” -Jay Carney


    Ahhhh…so they DO get that we can appreciate the person but oppose some of the things homosexuals do! Who knew? Sheesh, by the way they’ve been talking the past few months one would think we were expected to fully embrace the attempts to teach our grade school children about man-man relationships and the joys of anal sex. But look! They get it! They understand the difference, even if they can only bring themselves to say things like that when it suits their own agenda while disrespectfully ignoring and mocking anyone else who tries to explain how they feel about a certain topic.

    • 8second.ride

      Very good point!