Ron Paul says he would not have ordered bin Laden kill

Texas Congressman and prospective 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul revealed in a radio interview that he would not have ordered the mission that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden almost two weeks ago.

Talking to WHO’s Simon Conway on Tuesday, Paul – who has formed an exploratory committee for president – explained that a better approach would have been to cooperate with Pakistan to arrest bin Laden like the U.S. did with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and try him in civilian court.

“Why can’t we work with the government?” asked Paul.

When the host pressed Paul on whether he would have ordered the kill had he been president, the congressman responded with “I don’t think it was necessary, no.”

“It was absolutely not necessary and I think respect for the rule of law and world law, international law,” he continued. “What if he had been in a hotel in London? So would we have sent the helicopters into London? No, you don’t want to do that.”

The host, sounding a little shocked, sought to clarify even more, ”I think you’re being very clear…I definitely do not want to put words in your mouth, but you’re telling me a President Ron Paul would not have ordered the bin Laden kill to take place as it took place in Pakistan.”

“Not the way it took place, no,” replied Paul.

Paul, who garnered a massive following during his 2008 presidential bid, is well known for his foreign policy views and opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When contacted by The Daily Caller, Rachel Mills, a spokesperson for Ron Paul, explained the comment by saying that “technically, we didn’t have Pakistan’s permission to go into their territory this way, which was a violation of their sovereignty.”

“But now that it is done,” Mills added, “let’s declare victory, withdraw our troops and put an end to these quagmires.”


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  • Clay Rains

    Obviously, Ron Paul, unlike his brainwashed detractors, has the sense to realize you can’t kill someone who is already dead anyway. It’s funny how this criticism comes from mostly neo cons, the group that goes on and on about what a crook and liar Obama is. They’re right, but apparently Obama became magically pure as the driven snow for about 48 hours just for this event. Ah, the power of mass media mind control!

  • RileyMartin

    Ron Paul needs to go crawl back in the hole he came out of. And take your fanclub on Ronulans with you as well.

  • James4545

    Although I dont like the London anology, He makes a valid point considering the Pakistinian govt did arrest Khalid Sheiekh and handed him over to us. Also considering that Osama bin Laden had a bounty on his head , people in the Pakinstinian goverment acting in thier own selfish interests could have found that recieving a huge amout of money was more inportant than being loyal to bin Laden The was giving Pakistan money in foriegn aid. US govt has NO PROMBLEM with giving millions and billions of borrowed, taxed or money printed out of thin air to corrupt US, Isreal hating countries that were probally withholding information that could led to Osama bin ladens killing or capture.

    Even if you find what he said to be nutty, dont you think that giving millions an billions of money in foriegn aid corrupt countries with evil leaders who eiher harbour terorists or informatoin. This was being done in the Bush administration and it is being done in the Obama administration.

    Ron Paul was warning about the economic crisis long before it happened not just about the goverment, banks, GSE’s like Freddie and Fannie Mae but also the destuctive policies of the Federal Reserve. On the house floor back in 2003 and earlier he was warning about these things and why they were going to happen.

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  • MSimon

    The USA – taking it to the jihadis since 1801. Paul should take it up with Jefferson.